Christmas came (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays) and my health still hates me. Maybe it’s better to say my immune system hates me or it hates dry, cold air. I can’t consider it hates New York because that conflicts with my love for it.

So, I got to enjoy a snowy Christmas Eve. I love snow. Despite my bronchial cough, I put on layers, fluffy boots, and hurried out to enjoy the light snowfall. It probably wasn’t the best idea but I did it! I tried taking pictures but they came out as lines of light not flakes.

With that bust, and a heart full of wonderful snow, I went to bed. Most of the night revolved around Bleach episodes so I was a late waker but I did wake up. We went through gifts, lounged about, and went through dinner.

The days after that were slow, quiet, and cold. On a plus side, I became well enough to go to the city. I experienced Dallas BBQ for the first time and I admit, it wasn’t bad but not worth the wait. The ribs were nice though.

Fastforward to New Year’s Eve. Weird countdowns thanks to a weird year and finally a ball drop. Welcome 2014!

Try and do something you’ve been putting off. Reward yourself for getting through another year.