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Month: December
Character: Cordiia Merlotte
Entry Number: 19


The doors below banged open simultaneously, giving her captor no chance to set up his traps. He boosted about his elusiveness and his skill for dismemberment but neither were helping him. She could see the anger just under the surprise. He was trapped and he knew it.

“Well, looks like I might as well kill you for the trouble.” Cordiia glared at his seemingly calm smile but felt no hatred. The approaching footsteps were there for her despite every lie he told her. They were there to rescue her.

“Running may be your only option.” Why was she helping him? He smiled wider and she looked away. She didn’t care for his life, she couldn’t. He was the one who held her captive. He cut off access to water save for drinking.

Fascia was thorough in her betrayal. No doubt Fascia told him about Cordiia’s ability to communicate through water but it had to be water with big enough surface area. If she couldn’t see her whole head then she couldn’t use it.

The voices grew closer causing her captor to put more haste in his already hurried packing. She leaned over to see what bottles were lucky enough to go with him. The lone cuff around her neck reminded her such movements were limited but she was curious. He was an odd human, cruel and sadistic, but odd.

“Have you thought of an escape?” If he had, his window was closing.

“Do you remember my name?”

Cordiia took her time in answering. “No.” She knew it, vaguely. He said it once or maybe twice. Neither times seemed worthy of fully remembering. He was simply to be known as Captor or Human.

“Nathan.” He looked over her way only for her to look away again. “Use it at the right time.”

Cryptic words had become his favorite distraction. They kept her from thinking over every thing he did. They also pulled her attention away from the world around her.

When the room door hurled inward, clashing to the floor, she instinctively drew back. The Human moved just as quickly but not quick enough. The elves were first in. They had him surrounded with bows and what looked like curved blades. Their bodies shifted, cutting off her view of him.

“Princess.” Formalities eased her nerves but not in the same way as seeing Flinar kneeling at the side of the bed closest to her still curled up form. “Are you hurt?” His eyes swept over her while the rest of the rescue filled the room. There were both merfolk and elves but there was no sign of her father. “Cordiia?”

“No,” she finally whispered, shaking her head gently, “no pain or injuries.” Not in the past two months.

Flinar nodded over at his subordinates. In a breath, the human was killed. “Nathan.” His name, though foreign, weighed solemnly on her tongue.

“He’s not dead.” Flinar used the key she pointed out to free her from her last bond. “He has a poison in him that renders the victim unconscious for a time. He will be paralyzed before he wakes.”

“But why do you let him live?” She glanced over again and saw she was indeed wrong. What she thought was a killing blow was only a way to knock him out so they could administer the poison.

“He lives to be questioned. We know he was not alone. Any who was involved will be dealt with.”


“It’s done. Your sister will be dealt with last.”