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Holding her hands up towards the full moon, Gabrielle let herself imagine for a moment that she could actually touch the milky surface. It was the only thing that allowed her to live. It made her beautiful to look at and filled her with strength. Such was the curse of the Korrigan kind but she didn’t mind it on most days.

Lying back on the ledge of her fountain, she hummed to herself while her fingers danced across the sky from star to star. Many of her sisters had begun the prowl through the city for someone to amuse them but she stayed behind.

There was no worry about not reaching a fountain before the first light of sun, not when they had lived in the city so long that they even remembered where the abandoned wells were located. All she and her sisters needed was one of those bodies of water to hide in during the day.

The moonlight was their freedom. She hated the way they had to hide. More than that though, she hated the way the humans still considered them monsters during the day. It wasn’t their fault that they were cursed to look the way they did. Maybe it was the reason behind their nightly hunts; revenge for switching their opinions so easily just because they were beautiful at night.

Tracing what constellations she knew with her fingers, she had to force the negativity from her thoughts. Tonight was first summer solstice with a full moon in many years. It was a time of celebration.

But unlike her sisters, she had no plan to go and find an unsuspecting man. No, she was going to do what they did better than hiding. Pushing herself up from the cool marble, she shook her hair of the water droplets and let her feet guide her.

Only the music in her head guided her feet. A dance meant to bring her as much freedom as the moonlight did. As she moved gracefully around the marble ledge, she was able to pretend that it was all those years ago when she and her sisters could draw in crowds with their performances and have their pick.

Things were easier then. The town center was where everything happened; markets, festivals, parties, and executions. But as the town grew into a city and more ‘centers’ popped up, there was less people coming to see them, less to choose from to satisfy the blood lust that came hand in hand with their bitterness.

Wasn’t a bad thing necessarily, just a part of their life that they had all come to terms with. Still, Gabrielle wished that she could have her sisters at her side for this dance. Mel and Alla would have taken the lead in the moves, keeping everyone smooth and graceful while Ilia would begin the songs. They could all sing but Ilia had the voice of an angel.

Cracking her eyes open, she realized that she was no longer alone. A pair of young men were standing no more than a couple feet away from her fountain. She made sure to keep moving so they wouldn’t know that she was aware of their presence just yet.

Because she was alone, the allure wasn’t nearly as strong. If she stopped, it was likely that the magic would fade faster than she could move. It had filled her being so completely that she could no longer deny the call of her nature and with two fools so close, it would be so easy.

Moving off the ledge to dance in shallow water, her lips curved into a small smile. Watching them with a hooded gaze, she beckoned them forward with her arms as she moved. Instead of singing outright, she hummed the old songs under her breath and waited. Gabrielle knew how to be patient when it suited her and this was a game almost too fun.

They were practically tripping over themselves to get to her. She kept herself just out of reach, using the sway of her hips and teasing smiles to keep them coming. Once they were far enough in the fountain, she pounced.

Well, the pounce was figuratively. It took time and tempting to get them in the position that she needed. They were at least a foot taller than her and even with the moonlight giving her strength, she was going to have trouble keeping both of them down.

With them both bent over, she paused in front of them. Her hands moved from the sides of their faces to the front of their shirts while she kept eye contact with them. Though the dance had stopped, the humming and closeness was enough to keep them from feeling alarm. In fact, they looked quite excited.

Men, she thought with a reminder that rolling her eyes would be detrimental to her plan. The only reason that they wanted to be this close to her was because she was beautiful. They were so shallow and material.

It was those thoughts and the magic thrumming through her body that gave her more strength to hold them down. They were big boys for just her alone but she allowed the smile on her lips to widen with sadistic pleasure as they thrashed for the air that they’d never get.

It wasn’t her fault that she got pleasure from watching them drown.

Oh no.

That was just the nature that she and her sisters had been cursed with.


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