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Letting what fragments of his treasure horde slip through his fingers, Faolan stood up with the help of his brother. This was the third chamber that had been ransacked by those dirty creatures and he feared for what the rest of his family horde looked like.

“We cannot stand for this any longer Fergal,” He grumbled, taking back his cane and moving away from the destruction. After hundreds of years of feuding, this was the attack that they hadn’t thought would ever happen. It was their laziness and comfort that brought it on. “We were far too inattentive.”

“The Gnomes have grown bold to attack the hordes instead of the rainbow pots,” Fergal muttered, shooing off the younger of their clans to check the other chambers and make a count of what they had left. A leprechaun without gold was not a true leprechaun and there was only a fraction of their treasure left.

But that was the basis of their feud with the Gnomes. They collected gold and treasures, a symbol of power and the source of their magic but the Gnomes, the nasty ground dwellers, claimed to be guardians of the treasures and didn’t appreciate it being horded away from their own troves.

The rainbow pots were supposed to be part of their uneasy treaty to leave gold where the gnomes could find it but because the humans began to find them and use them to capture either a gnome or a leprechaun, the practice wasn’t as favored as it used to be.

“I do not care how bold they have grown, we must stop this from happening or our clan and all our luck will disappear. How will our kin and their young survive?”

“Are you proposing that we return the favor? The treaty forbids outright battle!” Fergal’s argument was met with a dark look from his older brother and he shut his mouth before more words could come out.

Tapping his cane against the wall of their clan home, Faolan’s dark look only morphed further into one of fury. The cane shimmered for a moment before melting into a short sword that reflected the sadist smirk on his lips back to his brother.

“Oh yes Fergal, that’s exactly what I’m saying. This was an act of war against the O’Gallagher Clan. Are our ancestors not famous for being the only leprechauns to fight back in the dark times?”

“Well..yes, but Faol-…”

“No buts, we will rally the families behind us and take back what was taken.” As eldest and clan head, Faolan didn’t need to say anymore to know that his will was going to be carried out. They weren’t the first family hit by the rotten Gnomes and they weren’t going to be the last but they were by far the worst hit.

Everything they stood for was going to crumble if they allowed the Gnomes to continue attacking the clans and make off with more and more of their gold. Not even the humans went unpunished for taking just a piece of gold and they could not let their longtime enemies make off with entire troves of treasure.

It was going to be a war of magic and earth like none had ever seen before. Faolan paused and glared into one of the destroyed rooms. On the floor laid a torn picture of the founder of their clan, the greatest of them all and a hero in the last war with the Gnomes.

If nothing else, Faolan would make sure that he and his clan lived up to that greatness and restore luck and magic to the families who had lost it all.


Look! Another one up! Whooooo!! It’s short and sweet but I like it~

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