Since I’m catching up, and backposting, I’ve decided to use my Op-Tues days as mini windows into my vacation. December 24 fell within the second week of my trip home. I’ve moved to Florida for family reasons a year ago and I’ve come to the decision that New York will always be my home. Now that that’s clarified, I feel I can continue without too much confusion.

Week two, a day before Christmas, and what happens to me? I get sick. In truth my sickness tackled me from the 22 or so. Where I was staying during the first leg of the trip had the perfect combination to take advantage of my immune system. First, the house was typically at a temperature of 65 degrees and sometimes it went lower. Mind you, the temperature outside kept to forties, thirties, and twenties which made inside colder. Second, the house was dusty. Pair that, the cold, and my chronic asthma and the outcome is bound to be bad. Third, the clincher, my cousin’s girlfriend came home one day from work sick. It lasted a few days, gradually getting worse to the point where she caved to go to the doctor because she began coughing blood. That same day she decided to stay around us….the next day I was feeling the impending sickness and silently cursing her.

I went to the doctor the 23 and all I got was an, “it could be viral.” Wonderful. The doctor didn’t even know what was wrong with me but I did get antibiotics. It would have been great if the meds actually worked.

After realizing the meds weren’t doing much, I came to my own conclusion that it was the cold, dry air of New York. I wasn’t used to it anymore thanks to Florida. Add that to the previous combination of bad and I was doomed.

Plus side, I got some really good sleep. My only concern I was getting better by the next day or at least New Year’s Eve. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.