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Month: December
Character: Cordiia Merlotte
Entry Number: 18


“Are you always so social with the lesser species?”

Cordiia looked up from the small pod of dolphins that had encircled her. When she opted for her sister to be her daily escort, she didn’t plan on continuing all her usual hobbies like swimming with newborns but some things couldn’t be helped.

“They aren’t lesser than us.”


Shooting a disappointed glare Fascia’s way, she willed the argument away. They clashed worse than the waves against the shore especially when it came to the others. It was a timeless argument; she believed that it was the heart that made one worthy of respect while Fascia believed none were worthy or close to being worthy of the mermaid race.

Cordiia rubbed noses with one of the dolphins before watching the pod swim off to catch up with the others. Her eyes slanted over to Fascia who had taken to sitting on a brain coral. It suited her superiority complex perfectly.

“I’m sorry, Fascia. We can go now.”

“Good. It is near your curfew time and I rather not be blamed for your continued selfishness.”


It took another round of resilience to keep from giving into the baiting. There were times when her hobbies crashed into her responsibilities and she took occasional risks but she was far from selfish. She cared, she gave, she learned what she could so that she could better advocate for those around her of both land and water.

Her thoughts swam as they did, side by side with Fascia a little over an arm’s length ahead. The currents were rougher than usual. It required more focus to keep from drifting along with it. That would have been better than dealing with a disgruntled Fascia who was doing a horrible job at hiding her annoyance but she had a mission to accomplish.

“Fascia, do yo-”

“Do I what?”

Cordiia closed her eyes. If given time, she would have finished her question and then Fascia would have plenty of opportunity to be curt in all her lecturing glory. If it wasn’t for her need to know what happened to their mother she would have taken the hint to stop talking. The sharper flick of a tail paired with the domineering register of the melodic voice was enough of a warning but she couldn’t back down, not yet.

The second attempt brought a similar reaction. She was able to ask but got an answer that was meant to pacify and deter her. Their mother was dead. Neither their past or their future would be affected by stories of their nonexistent mother. They were cold words but none that she hadn’t thought of before. But still….

“She was our mother. Does that have no meaning for us?” Four children had to mean something to their mother and their father spoke fondly of her. The woman was important enough to lie for. Fascia didn’t seem aware of it but she knew. There was more to the story than what their father was willing to confess.

Fascia moved through the water in a silence that both worried and frustrated Cordiia. It was possible Fascia’s usual cold demeanor stemmed from knowing the truth. It would have been hard on any child to keep such a secret.

Bumping into a barrier, Cordiia lifted her head and she slowly opened her eyes. A net wall had risen on all sides, cutting her off from the open waters surrounding her.

“Fascia! Fascia!” Her cries echoed in her own ears as she thrashed against the net hoisting her higher.

She turned in hopes of finding a weak spot only to find none. Images of the human that last captured her turned her cries into screeches of desperation. In her panic she lost sight of Fascia. Part of her feared the worst. If there were nets then there were spears. One of them could have gotten Fascia or chased her off. Sacrifice was necessary if it meant protecting their people but she couldn’t shake the feeling of abandonment. Fascia was supposed to be there trying to get her free.

Air hit her newly exposed body inch by inch till she was fully stolen from the waters she called home. With the loss of a sure escape, Cordiia maneuvered her body so she could throw her weight against one side in hopes to drop lower. Her shoulder burned from the contact but she persisted. Deep inside she knew who the net belonged to. It made seeing him no easier.

“I have missed you, pet.” His eyes were filled with dark amusement as his secretive smile met her glare. “You’ll speak in time.” He turned and her eyes widened in horror. Mere feet from where he was stood was Fascia. Her expression resembled the human’s with one addition; Fascia’s held a bitterness that was more unnerving than the man and his curiosity.

“Our mother married a human to secure an unnecessary truce and now you will be the undoing of it. Thank you for your help, Cordiia. Enjoy your days as a pet.”



Just a quick note. I had the misfortune of getting really sick during my vacation. It’s set me back in terms of posting but I will be working on catching up.