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Prompt: You’re walking home from work one night and taking shortcuts through a labyrinth of dark city alleyways to meet someone on time. Suddenly, a stranger parts the shadows in front of you, comes close and asks you to hold out your palm. You oblige.


Reflecting back, maybe I shouldn’t have listened to an Alleyman. He could have easily stabbed me or taken my moth nest of a wallet. Actually, considering I have a dimly glowing girl in my room, who claims to be a faerie, the mugging wouldn’t have been so bad. Could have gotten some kind of insurance off of it.

“Don’t touch that.” I had to dive in time to catch the ugly vase-cup hybrid my sister made me. If Emma ever saw it was broken, it would be water works for days. “Or that.” I walked behind her turning off lights she played with, fixing stupid plastic owls my mom collects, putting frames back the way I thought they were, and saying a lot of “don’t touch that, or that.”

“You’re world, I’ve heard stories but never thought I’d see it. So much excess and laziness paired with advancement and signs of intelligence.” She stopped her self guided tour much to my relief.

How does one explain to their parents the mythological creature gracefully walking around in nothing but a blanket was there so you, their son, could protect them while all of Faerie fought it out? The question itself is mind melting. “What am I supposed to do with you?”

She shrugged. Give the girl a reward for her clueless hot shrug. Seriously? My first time alone with a hot girl and she’s probably a friend of Tinkerbelle.

“How about a name then. I’m Tyler.”

She smiled and I hated my life more. I had to be dreaming. “A Tyler. That’s an odd name.”

Despite the airy sound of my name, the sting of an insult wasn’t lost. “It’s a normal one.”

“Mine is Calminia.” Her chin rose slightly in the air before she deemed me good enough for her name and it sounded weirder than mine would in any time.

“How about Caly?” I almost went with Minnie but I was working on getting one fictional girl out my head; didn’t need another.

Her whole milky face scrunched up into a disgusted one only to return to a neutral state and finally break into a smile. Caly was a go. All that was next was hiding her, getting her clothes, feeding her, keeping her quiet, figuring out what a Thrice Blessed Blind Born was and keep anybody from finding out. Easy.


Picked the story up an hour in but that’s it and I’m fairie (get it? Faeri….not fairly haha crack myself up) proud of it.