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What can I say? December is close to over and not a word has been written. At this point, I have found pride in the determination to avoid my novel. I don’t even dare to call it by name in case the guilt comes to haunt me again.

Instead of writing, I’ve been relaxing. The chance to return home to New York arose and I jumped at it. Now I’m basking in the nose numbing cold and praying for a fluffy white Christmas.

Aside from my snow obsession, my second want is to be holed up in a grande bookstore. Perhaps a Barnes & Noble in the city; I love the different levels. There’s something about books surrounding me that makes me feel like anything is possible. That, and should I get stuck or want to know something, a book is always a shelf scan away. If I am curious about writing exercises, all I have to do is go find a book on it.

All that means for you is:
a.) Late posts. I can’t help it. You’d think being with my phone all day would leave me plenty of time to thumb things out but no. There’s a reason Sloth is a sin.
b.) Errors. Oh the errors. I’ve reread and reread and oh my gosh those errors are everywhere. They are twitch worthy.

There is a bright side!

M.J. and I (more so M.J.) are busy working on getting caught up. Her 100 Creature Challenge is something I look forward to as do a lot of our readers.

Anticipation makes the heart fonder.

But what about the new sections? I’ve asked myself this repeatedly and I think I’m going to take this time to hammer out the kinks. The real work will happen when I have access to my computer. Don’t lose hope. It’s going to happen, just taking a little longer than scheduled.