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Month: December
Character: Cordiia Merlotte
Entry Number: 17


A Family’s Secret by Maura D.

Still processing the truth about her mother, Cordiia hugged herself. Not only was her mother alive but she willingly left her family behind for humans. She looked up at her father and wondered how he did it. He knew the real story for years. Unless he believed the story he told us, she thought absently.

The part of her that wasn’t angry for the lie understood. He watched his wife abandon the life he built for them. Shaking her head, she reminded herself that she asked for it. She wanted to know what he had against the humans and now she did.

“Can I visit her?” It wasn’t the question she meant to ask but it was too late to take it back. She feared the answer. If yes, what would she say and if no…

“She died shortly after the marriage.”

Cordiia looked away again. There was no chance for what ifs. At least what he told them wasn’t a complete lie; the woman really was dead. Her stomach clenched from the loss. Minutes ago there was a hope but not anymore. She lost her mother all over again thanks to hope and humans.

“I’m telling you this so you understand why I want you to stay away from that place of yours.”

The clenching started again for new reasons. Her father knew. The names of her siblings filtered through her mind as she partly listened to her father’s orders only to continuously return to one, Fascia. Her brothers would never tell on her but Fascia would.

“But I’m careful. Nobody ever sees me.”

“It cannot be risked.”

“Does this ban me from the Elven lands too?”

Stubborn eyes clashed for a moment before her father resumed his emphatic position on the matter. “Your duties remain the same despite your disregard for our safety. You will have escorts whenever you’re outside of these walls.”

“But-” she started only to be stared into submission.

“It’s guards or Fascia. That is the only other option I give you.” He paused, looking at her then up at nothing. “Your mother’s decision will not be repeated.”

Cordiia found nerve in the mystery of his words. He told the story of a woman moving from one life to another without a care for the people she left behind, not about the depth of a decision. Though it weighed on her to ask, she held it in. He was upset enough over her relentless pushing, the past, and the visits to the human lands. A few escorts were the only things she wanted to get away with.

Thinking about it, she bowed her head so father wouldn’t see the plan working out behind her eyes. Fascia would know and if she got to spend days attached at the fin then some secrets were bound to swim out. It was perfect.