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Ten days in and I am failing my novel. Since my last post, there has been no rise in word count nor have I continued with the plotting or outlining. A major part of me wants to pick up and run with it but another is okay with standing back to breath. Forebode isn’t going anywhere; a break is okay.

While I convince myself that it’s really okay, let me tell you about the two new features of “A Writer’s Alibi.” First is the character list.

M.J. and I have a tendency to reuse old characters. We love them, we use them. It’s a simple formula and so long as they can fit, it works! Our readers have expressed interest in some i.e. Oleander and we’ve agreed to put up a section where you can gain a better glimpse of the character in question. The Characters section is under construction but we have a few up for your leisurely browsing.

Our second section is The Toolbox. Currently it lists a handful of generators, procrastination killers, and places to do group work like editing, reviewing, or reading. A subpage will be added that go over writing exercises M.J. and I have found fun, useful, or highly interesting.

We’re still brainstorming so toss us your ideas. Let us know what works for you or what you’d like to see.

That said, I want to take the time out to say thank you from both M.J. and myself. Whether you signed on from the beginning or started visiting “A Writer’s Alibi” yesterday, you are an important part of our growth. Without you we wouldn’t have the drive to continue posting blindly.

Thank you to our readers, our followers, our visitors, and a special thank you to the ones that comment and share. We truly appreciate the connection and hope we will continue to keep you all hooked.

Note: my internet crashed so I’m writing this via phone. That’s how much you inspire me! Also, pardon any errors. It’s late and all the inspiration in the world can’t keep my inner editor awake.