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Dear Mama,

            I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote but Grandmother keeps me so busy that I often forget. We’ve finally moved past the basic spells and proper warding, I swear I was going to go mad if I had to burn anymore sage around the spell room. My clothes will ever smell of the herb, I swear. She kept saying that ‘a good foundation will make for more powerful spells in the future’ but I think she was just worried about me trying any of the harder magic. Still, she’s getting older by the minute so I try and humor her like Papa told me to. Which reminds me, does he even know that we’re witches? It’d be good to know so I don’t slip up again when I call him tomorrow.

            This month, Grandmother is teaching me of the element Air. Well, teaching me beyond the basics that we learn during the circle casting lessons. She’s been telling me of all the creatures that can control the element. Honestly, I didn’t realize that there were so many. She said that we’d never get to the level of control that the creatures and spirits of air could. I don’t believe her Mama. Witches are powerful, we’re powerful. Why would we have the power if we could not surpass others?

            Back on topic, the newest creature she’s been telling me about is the Sylph. I know that you probably already know all about them from your own lessons but it helps me to remember them if I write about them. Besides, you asked me for all the details regardless of how mundane they may seem.

            Anyway, Sylph are actually pretty cool. Unlike many of the creatures in Grandmother’s books, these ones originated in the Western Continents. They’re invisible to the naked eye and the young sylph exist as particles in the air. In fact, we often breathe them in without noticing. It’s kinda sad if you ask me and I tried to go without breathing just to save a couple of the baby sylph but it didn’t work. I started turning blue.

            They apparently resemble fairies when they decide to show themselves and are attracted to women of great beauty (Which makes me wonder how Grandmother has ever seen one, or so she claims). I tried to look up any sort of legends that mentioned them but their elusiveness seems to have kept them out of the stories, which is too bad because I would have liked to hear about what they did through the ages. Oh! They use their wings to create those beautiful cloud formations that Papa and I used to see. All those spirals and shapes were actually created by something and not just random like Papa believes. I really hope that I’ll get to see an actual sylph one day instead of just the sketches in the books.

            I have to go now; Grandmother is calling me to help with dinner. I usually have to redo the wardings after dinner but I hope that we’ll just skip to reading time before bed. Give Papa and Quentin a hug for me! I miss you all so much.

Merry part,


Sera giggled softly as she reread her daughter’s letter again for a second time. Her little Essa was growing up so fast and had so much to learn before the rite of passage. She could remember when she was learning how to use the craft and how much fun the elements were.

“How is our girl doing? Is she enjoying camp?” Sera glanced up over the paper at her husband and smiled softly. He was the love of her life but it was also in marrying him, a man without the craft, that she now lacked the power to teach her daughter herself.

“She is. She also sends her love.” Carefully folding the letter back up and sliding it into the envelop, she put it in her purse before rising to do as Odessa had asked and give him a hug. When Quentin returned home from school, he’d also get a hug from his older sister through her. “Essa is learning about treating nature right when she’s out in the woods. Apparently, a girl in her cabin was littering and got them all in trouble.”

“Oh?” He chuckled and Sera almost felt bad about having to lie to him, and their son, about where Odessa really was. “And she didn’t have anything to say about that?”

“She wouldn’t be our daughter if she didn’t.”


So I’m trying something a little different with the next couple posts. If you guys like it, tell me!

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