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Vixley’s incredulous stare moved from the ornate box sitting in the middle of the table to the woman on the opposite side. She had to have lost her damned mind. That box was one of the most feared items in the world. A holy relic created as a prison for the Sins and had enough power that any demon with sense feared it. The Box of Pandora.

And Clio wanted her to hide the damn thing.

“You were supposed to destroy it.” She accused, only remembering to temper her words at the last minute. No demon would directly challenge the Seven, not when they were the ones who broke free from the box and released the rest. And Succubi were especially careful around the embodiment of Lust.

Vixley had seen Clio strip a succubus down to bone after the fool had insulted her. It had been done slowly and with no small amount of glee. Needless to say, no one had ever done it again.

She hoped that her reminder that Clio had been tasked with destroying Pandora’s Box wasn’t going to end with her being the next dinner time amusement. After a few tense moments of silence and a silent stare down between the two, she was happy to see that Clio’s expression hadn’t changed a bit. The Sin hadn’t even unleashed her power as punishment.

“I know,” she finally spoke and Vixley’s eyebrow rose high behind her bangs without her permission. Of all people, Clio would know the ramifications if the other six Major Sins found out about this. They’d destroy her vessel and trap her essence, and that was probably the least they’d do. “But I have plans, Vix, and this box will ensure our survival.”

“Our survival?” She couldn’t help the curiosity. Clio never did anything without a reason. The woman could play the clueless blonde better than anyone but those who spent any amount of time with the real woman knew that there was a cunning mind behind those magenta eyes.

“Yes. I don’t know when or how yet, but there will come a time when Pandora’s Box will be needed again but this time for a bigger purpose than just being our prison.” To her absolute shock, Clio reached out and laid a hand on the jewel encrusted lid. The box was created to suck in the Sins if they got within a certain radius but she figured that the Majors were immune to that bit since they broke free but to touch it with bare hands was asking for another sentence on the inside.

“Vixley, you’re gaping and it’s very unattractive.”

Shutting her mouth with a small click of her teeth, she tried to put everything together in her head. Clio was predicting a need for the box and was asking her to hide it for an immeasurable amount of time. Somehow, she had gotten the properties of the box changed so that it didn’t suck into a prison of darkness whenever she touched it.

Without realizing it, her hand started towards the box. If Clio could touch it in safety, then why couldn’t she? Their powers were similar in a way; succubus and living embodiment of Lust. Just before her fingers brushed the edge, her hand was harshly slapped away.

“I need you Vixley and having you trapped within is not a part of the plan.” Rubbing her hand, she tried hard not to pout at being slapped away like a child. In the reality of things, she was Clio’s elder and there should be some respect there. Not that she’d ever voice that idea. It was like putting up a sign above her head that said ‘Torture me for the next millennia’.

“If I cannot touch it, then how in Lucifer’s name am I supposed to hide it for you?” Running a hand through her bangs, Vixley’s red eyes clashed with the magenta of Clio’s and she dared to push her luck a bit further. “And how are you even touching it? It was built to be your prison.”

Instead of giving her a verbal answer, Clio pulled out a velvet sack. In a matter of seconds, the box was shoved into the bag and tossed across the table before she could even ask what was going on.

Her heart nearly stopped when the thing landed in her lap and the laughter that followed her yelp of surprise grated her nerves. Lust was such a bitch. Gritting her teeth to keep from snarling at the woman, she gingerly picked up the box and set it back on the table.

“I went through many witches before I found one powerful enough to twist the various magics that made the box to answer to me. Unfortunately, I’ve not had enough time to figure out all the mechanics but it will not entrap me ever again.” The dark purr was enough to send chills down Vixley’s spine. She could control the box. Control the one item that would strike true fear into the rest of the Sins.

It was as brilliant as it was dangerous. There was no mention of what had happened to the witch that had assisted in changing the box but she could guess. Witches were human at their core and humans were liabilities. Liabilities were done away with promptly after their usefulness was up.

Thinking of no words that she could utter that would accurately express her current state of being, Vixley nodded slowly and stood. She just needed to hide the damn thing, nothing else. The fact that she remained one of the most elusive succubi in hell was probably the only reason that Clio had come to her.

In her musings, she missed when the sin stood and moved around the table. It wasn’t until that her chin was tugged into another direction did she realize just how close Lust had gotten. There were no more pleasantries in that gaze, no more ‘Clio’. It was all Sin, all danger, and a female creature who would revel in her pain should she disobey.

“Hide it well Vix. Do not let another find it and do not bring it out until I call upon you to bring it to me.” Nodding slowly, she was careful not to wrench her face away from the perfectly manicured fingers. Lust was flawless; it was part of her allure and even she wasn’t immune. The very fact that she could fall for the sin just as easily as the humans did ripped her pride as a succubus to shreds.

She dealt in lust. Lived off the essence of her bed partners and yet she found herself wanting to let Clio use her as a rug if it would please her. Shaking off the influence of the woman, she hoped that she’d be freed soon so that she could return to her peaceful life.

“After you’re done, you will not bring attention to yourself. You will be less than a blimp on my radar, let alone anyone else’s. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” There was no need to say anything else. The threat of what would happen if she didn’t sat on the table just inches away from her hand.

A soft smile, out of place on the face of a Sin, curled across Clio’s face. That expression made her want to run more than the glares or the crackling power in the air. But she stood still, holding her ground while every instinct told her that running was in her best interest. Getting a kiss on the forehead was the last thing that she had expected when she walked into the room earlier but it was happening.

“It’s a gift.” Clio murmured as pulled back, leaving her stuck in place while a foreign power molded with her own. “Do not make me regret this. I like you; you have a finesse that many of your kind seem to lack. It would be a shame to lose you.”

Left to ponder those words, she watched the woman turn and exit the room with a graceful flourish that made her jealous. Why did Lucifer have to go and create the Sins? They were literal spawns of Satan and yet they were so easy to envy. No matter how hard she tried, she’d never command power like Clio did.

Picking up the sack that held her death warrant, she stalked from the room while muttering under her breath. She’d show that irritating little brat. She’d hide Pandora’s Box so thoroughly that everyone would believe that it truly had been destroyed.

Vixley would follow her orders to such perfection and become irreplaceable. Then she’d never have to worry about getting killed for nothing. She could live out the rest of her immortal life doing what her kind did best. Maybe even spawn a few of the next generation herself, leave a legacy in case something went wrong.

Yea, that sounded like a good idea.


Well, it’s not as fun as Incubus but it brings in another Sin, this time one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust. This is not long after the Sins were released from the box and Clio decided to do her own thing. Nothing really new in that department though.

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