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Music blasted from various speakers around the room and the mass of bodies grinded to the beat in the middle of the establishment. The throng of people practically secreted sexual desires and the smell permeated the air. There was a thrill to being in a club, be it a human or demon establishment. The scents, the music, the very atmosphere was addicting and Bast loved it.

It didn’t matter how much Deva had tried to wean him away from clubs, they were his favorite hunting grounds. They were filled to the brim with beautiful women just waiting to give up their essence. The endless stream of possible victims is what had helped take him to the highest ranks of Incubi, a spot he held with no small amount of pride.

Just because he preferred the club scene didn’t mean he couldn’t hunt elsewhere. His training had been very, very thorough.

Leaning on the rail that overlooked the crowd, his tongue toyed with his lip ring while he tried to pick out the lucky lady for the evening. Though he wasn’t particularly hungry, an outlet sounded nice after getting scolded like he was a child again. The only consolation was that he hadn’t been alone in the scolding; his cambion partner in crime had gotten an earful as well. Deva was just too easy to rile sometimes and Luvin made it all the more fun.

Resting his chin in his palm, his gray eyes lazily moved over the crowd. It was easy for him to pick out the ready and ripe ones in the bunch. There was a lonely divorcee out with her friends, drinking away her worries while the kids spent the night with their father. But he wasn’t feeling malicious enough to take a mother from her children and her friends were all boring.

His tastes were picky enough that the options thinned out quickly. Humans were only good for a quick pick me up but they were too easy. He’d barely have to put any effort into it before they were writhing in pleasure under his fingers.

A bit of commotion drew his gaze away from the dance floor and towards the entrance. There were a couple of lower class demons brawling again. Most days, he’d enjoy the show but his eyes zeroed in on the woman behind them at the bar.

Her silver hair shone like a beacon and a dangerous smile curved his lips as she turned in the chair to dodge a body being thrown against the bar. Her glowing turquoise eyes were rare, even among demon kind. It was a left over attribute to an old line with dragon blood in their systems.

And there were only three that he knew of that were out and about in the human world; two full demon males and one half-demon female. He had heard stories that the female was a huntress, killing her own kind in revenge for her mother’s rape and death. In all cases, it made her a traitor that would normally be killed on the spot.

Ironically, it was her demon blood that kept her from being killed. But that wasn’t what he wanted to think about.

What he wanted to know was just how much charm he would need to lay on to get her for the night. The rumors that floated around were that she was a fiery little thing that kept mostly to herself and the description of her kills but that was beside the point. His only competition for the night would be her attitude.

Pushing from the rail, he made his way down the stairs and through the thick crowd. The hands that ran over his frame and the heated looks were all normal things but he didn’t stop to enjoy them for once. He did leave a trail of needy women for a few lucky men, his act of kindness for the week.

There was an empty seat on either side of Avoca and he slid into the one on her right without a care to the looks of horror. He could even hear Deva and Luvin in his head calling him an idiot for this but she was even prettier up close.

“Hey Joe? Can I get two of whatever this lovely lady is having?” The bartender was already shaking his head but getting the drinks together regardless. Bast had made the club one of his frequent haunts so the bartenders were familiar with him but even they knew why the silver haired woman was being left well enough alone.

Setting one of the two drinks down next to her half empty glass, he sipped his own and waited patiently. It wouldn’t be too long now before he got her talking. He could already feel those enchanting eyes of hers on him.

“You must have a death wish, incubus.”

Giving her a side glance and tilting his head enough that she could see his smile, he held up his drink in a mock toast. “Incubus is so impersonal. You, my dear, may call me Bast.” His full lips formed a pout when she didn’t lift her glass to clink it against his. The expression was enough to get a look of desire from the female at the end of the counter but had yet to have any effect on the half demon.

At the very least, he had her turning towards him and actually looking at him. It was more like she was trying to decide what would be the most spectacular way to string him up. The danger made the chase all the more fun. As if she could read his mind, her eyes narrowed at him warily.

“You’ve made quite a name for yourself.” Ah, so his name had even made it to the Demon Huntress. That was another stroke to his ego that made his smile widen. “I could feel your pheromones from across the room.”

“And you aren’t panting yet? I have failed my title.” Heaving a dramatic sigh, he even went so far as to put his head on the counter. He needed her to loosen up and if being a goof wasn’t going to start her in that direction, he was going to have switch up his game plan. The direct approach would probably land the dagger peeking out from under her coat right in his throat.

Peeking up through the blue stands that fell over his eyes, he was pleased to see her eyeing him with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. That was a step in the right direction. Staying in that position long enough to look pathetic and somewhat harmless, he eventually pushed himself back up for a swallow of his drink.

“You’re holding back, aren’t you?” Her mood shifted deliciously and it took self-control to keep from licking his lips at the emotions rolling off of her. She wasn’t used to having an actual conversation with a demon, that much was obvious. Having her so thrown was in his advantage. Even when her questions were laced with suspicious accusations. “Why?”

“Points for the pretty lady! Jo, another drink if you please?” He raised his hand in the universal ‘give me another’ sign before returning to the conversation. “Because if I swarmed you with power, you’d have that lovely dagger embedded in my chest before I could have given you a line.”

She had the decency to look a little bit embarrassed that he had figured her out all ready. With his eyes swirling, he gently took her hand and pressed his lips against her palm. The action was enough to make her stiffen but he was sure to keep himself leashed and that was enough to keep her from reaching for her weapons. It was more of a challenge to seduce her without using his powers.

Remembering one of his first lessons, he licked his upper lip for a taste of her essence. It really was strongest in the hands and it had a very unique flavor.

“Why so curious?” He purred, leaning towards her and chuckling as she leaned away. “Are you interested in what it feels like, Avoca?” The way she fought her body’s reaction to his presence made it all the more fun to watch her shiver at the way he dragged out her name.

“Not at all,” She ground out, sending a glare his way for teasing her. Because she still hadn’t gone for any of her weapons and was sipping on the drink he had gotten her, he figured that it was safe to keep pushing. The tiny taste of her essence told him more about her than her body language ever did—she was in her prime, sexually frustrated, and lonely. Despite her hard exterior, she craved a friend and a confidant, someone who understood.

As a human turned incubus, Bast could understand very well. He wouldn’t mind being intimately friends with her. Killing her was off the table because of who she was but sex definitely wasn’t. But he wasn’t going to force her into bed with him, no, that took all the fun out of the game. He could however offer up a little something to make the idea easier for her to swallow.

Flashing a mischievous smile, he made sure to move slowly enough that the curiosity in her eyes didn’t switch to hostility as he pulled her coat back a little to bare the knife and coiled whip on her hip. He wasn’t against a bit of pain mixed in with his pleasure.

“Not even if I agree to let you use those on me if I displease you?”


Bast is back! I’m still working on getting caught up but school makes it fairly difficult.

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