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Holding up his hand, Azazel gazed lazily at the liquid that slowly dripped from his skin. Most of his body was covered in the same red liquid but it didn’t bother much at all. His black eyes danced with dark amusement as they moved from the liquid and towards the barely breathing man on the ground.

A blood bath had been just what he needed to release pent up frustrations. He had taken his time in carving up the man, just like the three before him. But unlike the first three, he curbed his instincts and thirst for revenge and left him alive. Taking his anger out was one thing, but she would be quite upset if he didn’t at least leave her one kill.

Stepping over the soon to be corpse, he made his way towards the final door of the damned compound he was forced to search. The humans that guarded the place were too stupid to have put up the warding that screwed with his senses but he’d worry about their benefactor later. Whoever it was didn’t take into account that he was second, if not equal, in power to the ruler of Hell.

Those annoying wards only messed with his most basic of senses but the very fact that they thought it would work made him enjoy their screams all the more.

Throwing aside the sad excuse for a prison door, he paused just inside the room and looked at the fresh paint job. He admired the work before his dark gaze moved towards the figure lounging comfortably in the middle of it.

“You saved me the trouble of tracking down the idiot that decided to take you.” The entire room reeked of the power of another demon besides hers. His mood dropped even further when he thought about what the idiot could have done. Nobody touched what was his.

The demon was lucky that Ness took care of him before he got there. How she had gotten kidnapped was another question he would dwell on later.

“He was rude.” Ness purred as she flicked blood from her own fingers. She was covered even more extravagantly than he was since she splattered the fool all over the walls. “What took you so long, Azzy?”

As much as he had tried to limit his reactions to the nickname, he felt a muscle in his jaw twitch. There was no hoping that she missed the tiny spasm. Her smirk said it all and he rolled his eyes.

“Why are you complaining when you obviously had fun while you waited?”

“You looked like you had fun without me too.” Her eyes flashed a deep red as they raked over his form and his lips twisted into a dark smirk. It was the bloody nature of a demon that made her so delectable looking after a kill, and vice versa. But now was unfortunately not the time to give into their insatiable hunger.

Turning so that she could see the massacre just down the hall, he made an ‘after you’ gesture with one hand while sending the notice that one of her captors was awaiting the killing blow over their mental link. It perked her right up and Ness practically danced right out of the room, dragging her fingers over his blood splattered chest as she passed by.

He growled low in his throat when she brought those fingers to her mouth. Azazel couldn’t even count how many times he had told her not to tempt him and yet she did it whenever it caught her fancy. When they got home, he was going to have to show her again why doing so when he couldn’t give in was a bad idea.

Surprisingly, the human had managed to drag his body across the floor about a foot. If not for the mistake in taking what was his, he might have considered changing the man into a demon. But that was a reward for the strong, not the cowardly.

“He’s barely alive.” There was no need to see Ness’s face when the pout was so evident in her voice. He shrugged his shoulders while he looked upon the human with disinterest; they weren’t as fun when they stopped screaming.

“I needed an outlet, you’re lucky to get the final blow.”

“Whoop-di-freaking-do.” She grumbled, stepping forward to grasp the human by the front of his clothes. He could sense the rise in her power as she dug her hand into his throat. The shower of blood that followed the human’s throat being ripped out was shorter than usual. It was to be expected considering how much he had already bled the man. “I can’t believe you didn’t leave me someone to chase.”

Snorting, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders from behind her and leaned down to whisper in her ear. The proposition seemed to work in calming her down. A wicked smirk curled across his face when her breath hitched as he pressed his lips into the skin of her neck.

“Azzzyyyy,” she whined, turning her head to try and look at him. Her eyes glittered and he chuckled at the look there. “You promise?”

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.” Her delighted laugh was the last thing that echoed in the hall as darkness enveloped their form to take them back home. It would be days before the human officials found the bodies and any trace of the two demons would have long faded away by then.


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