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Luc resigned himself to pretending to be asleep for a few more minutes, listening to the not so quiet whispering of his friends. They were so oblivious to everything but each other that they didn’t even realize that he had been faking it the entire time. It wasn’t anything new, him going out of his way to giving them sort semblance of privacy even though Gabs constantly dragged him along when it was supposed to be just her and Michael.

“Shhh, he’s still sleeping,” the scolding only made Michael laugh and Luc knew that pretending much longer was going to be pushing it. They’d figure it out if he didn’t stir at all this laughing.

“Yea, shh, I’m sleeping.” He muttered, blowing strands of his own silver hair from his eyes before rolling over and making a show of attempting to return to sleep. Even going so far as pulling his wings up over his head to create shade from the sun but by now they knew he was awake. Didn’t take very long before they were poking at him.

“How is that the Morning Star sleeps so often? They’ll have to change your title if you keep this up.” From beneath the protection of his wings, Luc could roll his eyes at Michael without starting a friendly skirmish. For being his brother in arms, Michael had yet to notice just how much Luc gave up for him.

But that’s just how Luc wanted him, and Gabs too. Clueless and happy with each other. Bringing up his thoughts and feelings would cause issues that didn’t need to be between them. They were his closest friends and would do anything for them, even if in doing so he slowly crushed his own heart to pieces.

“Luc? You’ve been sleeping for over an hour, you can’t still be tired.” Gabs was better at the getting-Lucifer-up game. She had laid herself on her stomach and picked up his wings so that she could look at him.

His playful grin hid the pain at being so close and yet so far. He had become an expert in fooling the both of them and so he was unsurprised when Gabs only huffed and giggled before ordering him to get up.

With a dramatic sigh, he did just that and stretched his wings out behind him. In contrast to Michael’s solid white and Gab’s gold flecked wings, his wings were shone silver and blue in the sun. That and his silver hair made him easily recognizable, a fact he hoped to play on later.

His own inner musings distracted him from what his friends were saying. Something that Gabs didn’t miss and swatted him in the shoulder for not paying any attention. Knowing the scolding that was to come, he reached out and ruffled her hair before shooting into the sky.

“Luc!” Her annoyed cry was only enhanced by both his and Michael’s laughter and he hovered above their heads.

“Yes, dearest Gabrielle?” If possible, her eyes narrowed at the taunting tone in his voice. She was so easy to rile sometimes. Even Michael could get a rise out of her. At least, that was before he was attempting to always be in her favor.

Luc loved the fire in her eyes, whether it was directed at him or because she had found a few project for them to work on. It was the only time that he had where her attention was focused solely on him and he reveled in it for however long he had it.

It was painfully easy to bury his own feelings for Michael, to be the friend and pillar of support they needed but he allowed himself these small selfish moments.

“Get down here.”

“Why don’t you come here?” He knew that she’d stand her ground if only to not give into his taunting so he pushed it a step further. “Or is His Messenger afraid of a small game of tag?”

That small challenge was enough to get her into the air and he was forced to actually work to keep out of her reach. Below them, Michael shared in the laughter and added to the game with his taunts and tips. He wasn’t against playing games but Luc was glad that his brother did not join in this time.

While Gabs had him beat in brains, he was a stronger flier and was able to keep out of reach. It didn’t stop her from trying or him from letting her brush her fingers on his feathers or clothing before darting away again. She was adorable when she pouted but he much preferred her smile and so it wasn’t long after she gave up that he finally landed in the grass next to her.

Almost instantly, Michael had him in a headlock and was trying to hold him still for Gabs to extract her revenge. She never did but it was a familiar wrestling game that only cemented his wish to keep them happy.

“Alright! I give; why did you want me to come down?” He grumbled, punching Michael in the ribs to free himself. As he straightened up and ran a hand through his hair to untangle the strands, he looked between the pair in curiosity. They had both gone quiet and the way the air had suddenly chilled was making his skin crawl, they were hiding something.

The shy smile that curled across Gabs’ face only further confused him. When she took Michael’s hand and held out her free one silently, it all clicked for him and his spine stiffened. The ring that glittered on her finger was one that he had secretly hoped he’d never see.

“We’re going to marry, as the humans do.” She didn’t need to explain it to him of all people. Luc had been the one to tell Michael about her interest in human weddings. Lord have mercy, he had even helped Michael by designing the ring for him.

“Congratulations.” If his voice sounded as hollow as he felt, they didn’t notice. They were too wrapped up in their own happy glow. Forcing a smile on his face, he clasped Michael’s forearm and joked with him about taking so long and gave Gabs a quick hug before making his escape with an excuse of having to go and plan a feast for them.

As he flew away from the fields of Heaven, he knew that he couldn’t keep doing this. It hurt too much but he could never tell them, not when it would ruin everything. Before, his idea of an escape was just that, an idea. Luc steeled the part of his heart that hated the idea.

He’d take himself out of their lives for good. Michael would never follow him, his love for their Father was too great and Gabrielle, well, he hoped her love for Michael and God was more than she cared for their friendship.

For it to work though, he’d need to find the ones that were disillusioned with life in Heaven. Those who wouldn’t care to join him. He didn’t need many to accomplish his goal, only a few. They could make new lives for themselves and he wouldn’t have to feel his heart splinter every day for the rest of his life.

The Morning Star was going to Fall from the Heavens.


So, Maura and I have done our own rendition of Lucifer’s Fall from Heaven. This is a separate piece focusing more on his thoughts than anything.

Note: Gabrielle is NOT Gabriel in this, two totally different angels in this story line.

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