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“Call me a genie one more time and I swear that your funeral will come sooner than you expect.”

Kyle rolled his eyes at the booming voice and crossed his arms. It had been like this for over an hour now and was getting old, fast. All he had wanted to do was clear out some of his grandmother’s things and finds this smoky dude trapped in a lamp who swears that he isn’t a genie. If it wasn’t for the fact that his grandmother had introduced him to the magical world years ago, he would have been screaming his head off.

“You came out of a lamp! And are practically half cloud, that all points to genie to me.” Bending down to pick up another box to go through, there was a sudden flare of heat across his back and he looked up to see a dark burn on the wall. The fire or whatever the genie threw would’ve gone right through his head if he had been standing. “I hope you plan on fixing that, my grandmother is going to have a cow.”

“Good. Let the old hag come up here. I will pay her back in full for trapping me in that awful lamp.” The deep voice growled and Kyle glared at the gray skinned man. His grandmother was a hag from time to time but he still didn’t call her that and didn’t approve of this idiot calling her one either. “I am a Djinn, little human, Djinn. A far older and more powerful race than the western genies; do not confuse the two.”

“Djinn? Like a Gin and Tonic?” Antagonizing the man was making the tedious job of going through all the junk more fun. Even when the guy had magic powers to fling his way, the danger made it all the more thrilling.

“You did not just compare me to an alcoholic drink.” The Djinn’s flame colored eyes sparked in a promise of pain and Kyle laughed. Being stuck in a lamp for who knows how long would make anyone this grouchy.

“It was for pronunciation purposes. What is your name anyway?” He couldn’t keep calling the guy Djinn. If he wasn’t about to leave then it gave him company for this punishment. Which brought up another question, “Why haven’t you made you escape?”

“You may call me Sif.” Kyle nodded to show he heard though his head was buried in the box he had picked up. The Djinn had to resist the temptation to trap the boy in the box so that he’d know how it felt but it was not his fault. It was his hag of a grandmother.

“You never answered my other question.”

“I can’t.”

Kyle glanced up and over his shoulder. The Djinn sounded frustrated at that statement and for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out why Sif couldn’t leave.

As if sensing the question, Sif sighed and motioned to the room around them. It was covered in boxes and various knick knacks that Kyle really didn’t want to get into.

“Your grandmother trapped my wife as well. I cannot leave without her.”

“Oh.” It was all he could think to say as he turned to survey everything. Somewhere in here was another Djinn, trapped in something, and it could take weeks to find her. Explained a lot actually, like his grandmother’s warning not to open anything; she wanted to keep these two separated and trapped.

If there was one thing Kyle enjoyed more than skateboarding, it was pissing off his grandmother.

“Grab a box Sif, we have a lot of junk to go through to find your girl.”


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