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Month: December
Character: Cordiia Merlotte
Entry Number: 15

Beneath the warm touch of the morning sun, Cordiia turned her head to better rest it on her folded arms. Absently her long tail swayed in the lazy river current as she tried not to think. The gentle breeze laced with the sweetest scents of spring held promise for a beautiful summer and the barely there waterfall left little effect on the standing body of water thanks to the surprising depth of it. It was one of the reasons Cordiia loved it. It was deep enough to allow for an unseen escaped and tranquil enough to ease away the stress that came with being one of the precious Galatian royals.

“I wasn’t aware of this being a rest stop.” The voice startled her.

Cordiia sunk deeper into the water that already wrapped around her waist. The sun that warmed her was no longer soothing while she remained under the dark smile of the human. She looked around him. Humans liked to travel in pairs but this one was alone.

“It’s a great fishing spot.” His smile twisted as it grew and before she could reach a decent depth, a net closed around her. She fought in hopes of prolonging a capture and securing an escape but it was all a waste. She soon felt the soft give of the bank as she was dragged over it.

Angrily she stared up at him, memorizing the hard contours of his face. There was a coldness in his eyes that frightened her. Stories were told to the young ones about the cruelty of humans to deter their curiosity. They worked on her for most areas of her life.

He tied her up with a similarly reinforced rope and adjusted her on his shoulder. A sting of a needle made her clench her teeth. She refused to hiss, refused to show that he got to her. She held to her consciousness as long as she could but by the count of his tenth step, everything went black.

*   *   *

Groggy, she came to, her head rolling from one side to the other. She moved to get up and hissed. In place of the ropes were shackles secured tightly around her ankles and wrists. The narrow space left for air turned dangerous when her skin made contact. The metal burned into her pale skin, leaving their marks.

“So you’re awake,” the gruff voice sounded from the corner of the room. It held a gentler quality but she drew into herself. She knew better than to trust one of them. “None of that,” he tsked, “you must be thirsty.”

She watched him warily. He had knowledge that were safe guarded to protect her kind. He took slow steps forward and held the bowl to her lips. Sensing no contamination, she drank only to cough it back up. Fresh water was safe to swim in, deadly to drink.

“If your wish is to kill me, do it now.” Her kind would have had the decency to bring death swiftly instead of drawing out the torture.

“No,” he sputtered, causing her to look up curiously. Was he worried? “Not yet.” No, she thought, he feigns worry to trick me. “I forgot about the salt water.”

He moved about to fix his mistake. It was hard to turn down when her breaths felt clawing. The time spent afterwards was split between him staring at her, her ignoring his presence, and finally a round of questions in exchange for her freedom. At first she thought it was no more than another trick but then, after receiving the answer to his last question, he freed her from the shackles.

She took no time in questioning his motives. The space was given and she ran, following the guiding scent of water. She didn’t let up till she was back in the water with a freshly turned tail and as far away as she deemed fit. Only when the shoreline was a squint in the distance did she stop to stare at it. The human had captured, questioned, and released her. He hadn’t asked once for magic or wishes. It was strange but she took her blessing. He could have killed her.