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“Haver! Wake up!” Sven’s eyes narrowed in annoyance as his brother rolled over with a short groan. It had been his idea to go searching for what other creatures inhabited the forest on their property and now the fool wouldn’t get up.

He didn’t have the patience to play nice with his brother this morning. Grabbing the stack of books in the corner, he dropped them square on Haver’s chest. It did the job of waking him up but it also knocked the air out of his lungs.

“You ass,” He heaved, pushing the books aside so that he could fight for breath again. Sven smiled and pushed his way out of the tent. Holding aside the flap, he silently pointed at the top of the trees.

It took a few moments before Haver caught on but once the unnatural tornado registered, he was scrambling out of his tent. The near face plant added to Sven’s amusement for the morning and he chuckled yet again at his brother’s expense.

“Why didn’t you wake me when it started?!” Sven rolled his eyes and punched his brother on the way to saddle his horse.

“I tried but you were being difficult.”

“And so you dropped books on me?”

“Your fault for bringing along so many and giving me such a tempting weapon,” They continued their banter as they saddled their horses. It wasn’t long before they were mounted up and dashing through the trees.

The wind became more and more violent the closer they got to the tornado. But unlike the ones they had seen back in America, this tornado wasn’t tearing up trees or blowing their horses off of their feet. It hadn’t even moved from the point of origin.

Haver pulled up his horse first, jumping down and leaving Sven to tie both of the horses up. His dark eyes never moved from the tornado, trying hard to catch a glimpse of what they had come here to find. The swirling winds were too dense and his mouth twisted into a frown of frustration.

Seeing this, Sven bumped him and offered up a daring smirk. Before he could be grabbed, he strolled forward into the clearing and stopped only a few feet from the vortex. His hair and clothes whipped around him but it wasn’t difficult to hold his ground. This was definitely unnatural wind.

Between the two of them, Sven was always the daring one. He was the first to dive headfirst into danger and usually the one who ended up getting hurt. He wanted to be in the center of the action while Haver was happy standing to the side and watching. This had been true for their entire lives.

“Hey,” The wind carried away most of his shout but it didn’t stop him. They did come searching for wind spirits, which meant that they’d hear him anyway. “Can you stop the tornado thing for a moment?”

After no answer for a few moments, Sven turned to shrug at his brother. If they didn’t want to stop and chat for a moment, then he couldn’t force them. Just as he started back towards the horses, intent on waiting out the damn tornado, he vaguely heard a shout that sounded like his named before his body was pulled backwards by the fabric of his shirt.

After finding out that the Huldra were real, Haver had dug out all the books he could find on Scandinavian myths. Spending their weekends in the woods to try and find any more signs was better than doing nothing at the house. They hadn’t had much luck through Sven had sworn up and down he’d seen the green eyes of the Huldra watching them from time to time.

It had been the only legend they had managed to find in a month but Haver had lined up the dates for an old celebration of a group of wind spirits that supposedly took place near their home. Now that Sven was staring at three of said spirits in the middle of a tornado, that was actually more of said spirits dancing, he made a mental note to apologize to his brother for doubting him.

“You know what we are,” The middle one spoke, drawing Sven’s attention towards her and away from the rest of the women dancing around them.

“Do you think that I would have strolled up to a damned tornado if I didn’t?” The filter between his thoughts and his mouth didn’t seem to be working up the rudeness seemed to amuse the three females. At least, he was hoping that their smiles meant that they were amused. “You’re Vila.”

Their smiles only widened and Sven had to remind himself that the legends that Haver had shoved down his throat before this painted these women as far more dangerous than helpful spirits.

“There are not many left who can name us, let alone those who believe we still roam the Earth.” Gods help him; their voices were as beautiful as the rest of them. He couldn’t help but compare the lyrical sounds to the warm and earthy tone of the Huldra. Both were beautiful in their own right and fit their owners well. “Come dance with us.”

Their command drew him out of his thoughts. Dancing? That was definitely not on his list of things to do. Shaking his head, he took a step back from their outstretched hands. They obviously did not like that he refused but he wasn’t budging.

“No disrespect ladies, but I am not much of a dancer.” The tallest one moved forward regardless of what he was saying and grabbed his hand. In a moment later, she drew her hand back like it was burned and she studied him with more curiosity.

“Kosa? What’s wrong?” Another moved forward to lay her hand on the first, Kosa’s, arm in concern.

“He’s been blessed by the forest.” Some sort of understanding went through all three of them with that one simple sentence and they all stared at him with renewed interest. Sven wouldn’t have minded if he wasn’t sure that he had been about to die for refusing their orders.

“You’re huldra-kissed?” Kosa pushed forward again, bringing her face close to his and studying him. It took a moment for him to realize that they must have figured out about the incident with the Huldra before.

Before he could answer, a faint sound drew his attention. The voice was familiar enough to draw him away from the beautiful maidens and look through the vortex. Haver was not taking his disappearance well if his tone was anything to go by.

“Who is that?” The two whose names he didn’t know moved to stand on either side of him. Though there were more Vila dancing around them, these three seemed like the only ones willing to talk.

“My brother.” The answer came immediately despite his initial aversion to telling these women anything. It was that spark of interest that worried him but at the same time, he felt a bit more relaxed. Their family had been blessed by the Huldra, it meant that Haver was safe too. Didn’t it?

Being the brother he was, he smiled warmly at the Vila and tipped his head in Haver’s direction. It made them perk but not as much as his next words.

“If you ask him nicely, I’m sure he’d love to dance with you.”

That was enough to get Haver pulled in and give Sven a way out. Unlike the time with the Huldra, he was sure that his brother would take advantage of the moment to ask all the questions he could think of.

Laying back in the grass, he was content to lay there and wait until they were done with Haver. Eventually he’d be freed; their huldra friend had kept them safe with her blessing. A light brush across his face made him open his eyes and blink in surprise at the pair of green eyes looking down at him.

“You consorted with the Vila.” She sounded hurt and Sven couldn’t figure out for the life of him why she could be. Still, he shook his head.

“I only got their attention; Haver is the one dancing with them.” That seemed to chase away whatever had been bugging her and she sat down in the grass next to him. He was confused as to why she was staying and all he got was a small murmur about how the Vila were not to be trusted.

Sven couldn’t argue with her and instead made himself comfortable. It was Haver’s voice that reminded him that the forest cared for Huldra and now, its protection had been extended to them. It didn’t hurt one bit that his stalker of a myth was gorgeous.


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