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Homestretch!! First off let me apologize for the lateness of this post. It’s been a lazy kind of day for me. That means I’ve cheated on my novel with food, television, websites, and my phone. It’s a sad thing but I’ll make up to it in a bit. I want to again extend congratulations to every person that has crossed the finish line. You committed to this insane challenge and you stuck it out. There have been obstacles, doubts, break downs (in my case), near quitting, and more but you made it so snaps for you. I’ll be one of those people soon. Till then, I’ll cheer on the inside.

I’ve seen a lot of, Quantity is better than Quality, signs around. I want you all to know that I think that line is load of crap. Anybody can bang out 50k and slap a title on it. I want to write 50k (though my novel is just getting to the good stuff at 50k) and feel like every word matters. I don’t want to go through in December wondering what in the world did I waste my time doing? If I was going to string nonsensical sentences together then I could have done that in any month. So, when I see something like Quantity over Quality, my motivation gets a renewed burst of energy.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t go through the trenches of the dark side. Using first and last names was a neat trick to pad that word count a little and why not stop using contractions? Let us go forth with run on sentences, unnecessary amount of description, and random additions to the plot that make no sense…no. I much rather slave away making an honest man out of my novel. I want to feel as my fingers go numb because then I know I wasn’t trying to cop out or have only one foot in while the rest of me was thinking about how I was going to cook those plotbunnies.

So I sat, stayed, and wrote till my brain gave out.


Okay, that notebook session didn’t happen till tonight (currently still adding to it) but I did have a marathon. The plot bunnies sat on my shoulder cheering me on and whispering in my ear. They abandoned me again on Monday and an early part of this Tuesday. In their defense, I was rather lazy. I felt so secure in my 46k that I gave in to one of my sins and lounged around. It helped that I felt nothing when I opened my Word Doc. So I took out my Forebode (that’s the title) journal and got to work.


I haven’t written by hand in a few months and I am so glad I did. It allowed the words to flow freely like the ink that now sits on the paper urging me on.

I hope to log in another 2k tonight. I have my notebooks at the ready. I will be victorious. I will cross that 50k line. I will prove to myself that I can do anything.