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The Siren Island of Telacil was not truly an island of Sirens. They had long since left the island it’s surrounding waters to their mermaid cousins. Despite the sirens being long gone, no human dared to get too close to the island for the mermaids that guarded those waters still used their music and beauty to kill all who trespassed.

But one sunny summer day, the tropical island was a tempting paradise for any who saw it. Fish of all colors painted the shallows and dolphins played without a care in the world. If one ignored the lyrical laughter echoing from the small cove, it was easy to forget the dangers.

“Kai! Give that back! I need those shells you silly dolphin,” Any chance that the young mermaid had at sounding stern was undermined by the laughter in her voice and the way she continued to chase the dolphin through the water.

Kai chirped in response, doing circles in the water with the seaweed bag in question hanging from his mouth. He wanted to play with Allure, not hunt for shells anymore. Her hunt could resume later, after he had to rejoin the pod for the afternoon hunt.

Allure’s sea green eyes narrowed at the dolphin and held out her hand expectantly. He knew full well what tomorrow was and why she needed those shells. The game of keep away was fun for the first ten minutes but she had to finish before the others came looking for her.

“Please Kai? If I finish this now, we can play tonight. I promise,” The way that her friend paused in his taunting dance was enough of an indication that she had gotten to him. If there was one thing that her dolphin companion enjoyed more than taunting her was their rare moonlit swims. There was no one to interrupt them at night and less of a need to watch out for predators.

She smiled softly as he came forward and let go of her bag of seashells. Murmuring her thanks, she pressed a kiss on the tip of his nose and dove back towards the seafloor.

By her calculations, she only had another hour or so before the rest of her group found her. They had strict rules about young mermaids being alone. Forget the fact that her natural coloring let her blend with the water better; all they thought about was her budding power.

The line of thought that her mind was following was beginning to sour her mood. Even the mindless task of finding intact shells wasn’t providing the distraction that she wanted anymore. Allure hated being in the spotlight. Hated how the adult mermaids restricted her after her parent’s deaths and she definitely hated the way they spoke of her visiting the Royal City when she was an adult.

She had no desire to leave her home, to become some pawn to marry off to some spoiled royal just because of her powers. They could find another mermaid with a powerful song; she wasn’t going to do it. Allure would go to dry land if it meant getting away.

As if sensing the change in her mood, Kai nudged his head under her arm and wiggled himself into her side. The light gray of his skin complimented the varying shades of blue scales that made up her tail and his dark eyes shone with an understanding that made Allure smile.

He was her only real friend in this place anymore. It was a sad truth considering how many mermaids lived in the waters surrounding Telacil but they all expected her to be something that she didn’t want. All Kai wanted from her was affection and play time.

Taking a moment, she laid her head on top of his back and held onto his dorsal fin lightly as he lazily swam close to the bottom so she could still look for shells. She thanked Poseidon for an understanding friend and sent along her hope for another to come her way soon.

Kai was always an irritating little bugger when mating season rolled around.


Okay, so it’s short and sweet but I like it. Allure happens to be one of my mermaid characters in storage and I wanted to explore some of her time before the story I have for her. Hope you like!

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