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Under the moonlight that illumimated the land in a soft glow, the murderous glint of Alarn’s narrowed eyes shined brightly. Kallossa scratched at the hand at her throat in vain. It did no more good then than it did the first time. His grip tightened, causing her to choke on the little air she had left.

“I’m going to kill you.” Alarn spoke softly by nature but she heard the distinct growl of hatred.

Kallossa let her hands fall back to rest against the tree bark he felt inclined to press her back in to. He wanted to inflict as much pain as he could before claiming the death she rightfully earned. As a nymph, he would have killed her for less than revenge.

“What did you come for?” His hold let up, barely, allowing her the chance to answer.

“If I’m to die it will be with secrets intact.” It took longer than she liked to get the words out. She had to stop to grasp at stolen  breaths and refind her voice when he decided to squeeze.

“You will tell me,” he growled, placing his face closer.

Her gaze met his, her blue eyes challenging his darkened brown. “Kill me.” She could see the promise of death within the eyes before her .

It was always a risk, she reminded herself. Persea was known to bring death to any who found out. She had found it, spelled a nymph, and had him doing her bidding. His anger was one she found comfort in. It mirrored the one she harbored for the very people she worked for.

“I will tell you but only once I have your word that I will live.”

“You will tell me then I will decide.”

She managed a nod though it was not in his favor. Her focus had been on the sky just behind him. The moon had been cast over by the clouds of her fortune. She opened her mouth but instead of the story he had requested she spoke the incantation to reseal him to her.

When he noticed his mistake, he gave up on trying to threaten a confession out of her. He added another hand to the one that already strained her choking words. Her voice turned to broken strangled gasps that carried the final syllables as her eyes blurred.

Her body slumped but it never made it to the hardened sand her feet hovered over. The incantation was done, her slave was bound blindly to her once more. His eyes widened in horror as he carried her to the warmth of the fire. He ignored the voice that cheered and told him to go home. He had to protect her.