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It is now week four. I’m a good sprint away from crossing the 50k line and because of that, I feel like it’s time to breathe and take a look back. First, pardon me while I take a moment to mourn those that lost their way. They started November with eager excitement. There were twinkling eyes, springs in steps, and so much talk of promise.

In that first week, I thought those people were writing Gods, crazy writing Gods, but writing Gods nonetheless. I was in awe and equally intimidated. Before week two could roll around I was hearing about people who were already sailing smoothly into 30k water. Imagine my sudden bout of self doubt. These were people who had experience with NaNoWriMo where as I had none. I was conned onto this pirate ship by a friend who so happens to be one of the many who fell overboard.

I had to remind myself that I didn’t sign on to be the next best thing, I signed on to prove to myself that I could do it. Every month I wished that I had a motivator and then November came. How could I give up such an influential competition? I hate losing which made writing every day that much more of a requirement. NaNoWriMo forced me to make a schedule, stick to it, and amend it when life refused to budge.

But enough about my inner writer. You will be overloaded by my soul searching and bragging when this is all over, trust me. I may title that post “Like A Boss” just so I can laugh then pass out from the sheer exhaustion. But, again, I’m off topic.

Week three nearly brought about my break down. I had set a goal of 40k by Thursday and guess what, Thursday came and I was staring at the same word count from Wednesday; it never budged. I went to bed that night feeling like all hope was lost. The official NaNoWriMo stats page made my heart sink. The estimated completion date used to read November 19th, then 20th, and as of that Thursday, it read November 29th. I went to bed, writing the obit for my novel. I was done. Friday came, I tried to write, and I barely made it to the minimum of 1,026 words.

And then – insert tweeting birds and sudden sunlight of hope – Saturday happened. I came home after a long day out, grabbed a Monster, and set to work. I went from a depressing 32k to 40k! Let me take this moment to say thank you to everybody who powers the NaNoWordSprints twitter account because without them, I wouldn’t have had the discipline to sit for thirty minutes straight without any distractions. I bragged to everybody who was around me about my mad dash. That last for an hour…I went to my DA chat and soon learned I was a little over 2k ahead of schedule. Talk about a blow to the ego but I wasn’t throw in the towel ready, not that time. I was more determined than ever to get back to my week one coasting where I was 4k-5k words ahead of schedule.

It’s now Sunday (technically Monday) and I felt the need to share that I have reached a grand total of 44,052 words. It was gut wrenching but I made it to week four! To those that fell overboard, don’t feel bad. You started something and you can always dedicate another month to pick it back up. The point is to write, write, write till you want to puke. When that happens, write about the experience; how did it taste, feel, smell, etc. For those that have already found 50k and are sitting pretty….and for those of you that are still pouring their souls out, don’t give up. Remember that each word counts!