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Glancing over the file that laid spread out over the table, deep crimson eyes darted up to the young man on the other side of the table. Usually, the humans stunk of nerves and fear during this part of contracting but this was relaxed, comfortable even. Since she could remember, there was no other human who had been this comfortable in her presence.

It probably had something to do with the fact that he had a shining record of relations with demons of all levels. But he had bypassed the other imps to find her, a feat not easily done without assistance. It was impressive.

As if feeling her stare, his eyes rose and met hers unflinchingly. Oh this boy would be a handful for any demon who took on his contract; she could see it in his eyes. If there was one thing that Alessious Vivikous was never wrong about, it was how a human would act for their demon contractor.

“So, Sebastian.” She hummed, dragging a nail over one of the lines of his file. The very file had been created only an hour ago, using his very memories and blood to fill the pages. Humans lied too much for her to take their word alone.

“Call me Bast.” His interruption earned him a raised eyebrow as she wagged her finger at him. That wasn’t polite when she was trying to give him the best possible contract. Well, second best contract to be honest. She wanted some amusement and he would prove to stir up trouble of the most delicious kind and only after she had her amusement would she change it.

“Alright Bast,” His smile was boyishly devious when she used his preferred name. If not for her rule of professionalism, she might have tasted the waters of the fun those stormy eyes promised. Maybe after he was no longer a client. “Placing you with the right demon is going to be tricky; not only is your request unusual but you have an abnormally large soul.”

“So I’ve been told.” That arrogance in his tone was going to get him trouble as well as endear him to his demon mentors. Aless had no doubt that part of it came from his having a group of demon friends. Demons didn’t choose to hang around the meek and quiet.

Taking a small breath before continuing, she stared him down so that he knew that interruptions would no longer be tolerated. “To make the change from human to incubus requires quite a bit of power. It also requires the right demon to do it. Your preferences make it even harder because there aren’t many female demons in the contracting business, let alone any that would take you on.”

Of course, if she spun the contract enough, she could easily entice an actual succubus to take him on. But they were just as likely to just use him for their next meal as they were to complete the change.

In her minute of silence, the boy managed to stay his tongue which played in his favor. It seemed that Sebastian Germaine knew when to keep his lips closed; again, something she had gleaned from the files itself but it was always good to get to know the client before shipping him off to a demon.

“Your soul is large enough that you may just work for them.” Her red lips curved into a smile at the spark of interest. He may be an unusual human but he was still male; multiple females intrigued him. “The triplets, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. I believe they’d be up for the task and your soul is big enough to split into three.”

“It almost sounds painful when you say it like that.” Bast chuckled, leaning forward on his elbows. It helped to make the decision easier as she gave him another once over. With his blue Mohawk and multiple, well placed piercings, he’d fit right in with the triplets. Thing was, she knew exactly how those three were going to react when they found out how exactly they would need to change the boy into an incubus.

“By the time that it comes for you to pay up, you won’t feel a thing. Demons, especially incubi, are soulless creatures. Why do you think we’re making contract for human souls?” Allowing a bit of her magic to flicker, she was disappointed that the flash of fang didn’t do more than make him smile. He really would be so much fun to play with. “Not only do we tip the balance by adding to our ranks, we add to our power by devouring these souls.”

Again, Bast was unsurprised and she sighed unhappily. Her favorite part of being one of the contract imps was making the humans squirm a bit but he was so used to it that he just sat there with that annoyingly cute grin.

Gathering the papers into a neat pile, she stuffed them into a folder before standing. Might as well get over the initial meeting as soon as possible and watch the fireworks from a safe distance. Motioning him to follow, she slipped one of her business cards into his jean pocket while explaining how to use it. He didn’t need to know that she was setting him up with the triplets just for laughs while she tracked down a better match for him; those females would balk at what they would have to do.

They tolerated humans but only one of three would actually sleep with him but he’d need the power of all three to do what one high ranking succubus could do.

“You aren’t at all like I pictured imps.” His attempt at conversation while they walked had her giggling.

“That’s because only the lowest level of imps have been able to get through the doors of hell before. I happen to be one of the more powerful imps, though nowhere close to the regular demons or the demon-turned angels.” There was no harm in explaining the different levels of demons. It would soon become something that he would be very familiar with. “I keep up a veil so that I appear human; it helps to keep clients from freaking out more than they already do.”

“So you have another form?”

“My true form, yes.” She could easily ignore his curious stare but had to shake her head when he opened his mouth to ask. They were in public with too many other humans around for her to drop the veil. Demons may have become widely acknowledged but she didn’t know one human who wouldn’t freak at a horned woman walking down Main Street. “The triplets aren’t far. Remember what I told you about summoning me.”

To her relief, Bast nodded. She was glad that he was a knowledgeable human; his prior relations with demons would ensure that the triplets wouldn’t kill him outright at first. Turning into a dark alley way, she pointed to the spot that she wanted him to wait. It took a promise to show him her true form sometime soon for him to behave but soon she was straightening her jacket and stepping out into another, equally grimy, back street.

None of the three females noticed her at first as they bickered among themselves and the youngest of the three went around destroying public property. They were still so young.

“My, my, my; causing mischief already?” Proud of the smooth professionalism in her tone, she allowed herself a smile as the three cursed at themselves for being so inattentive and turned to face her. Time to get the show started.


Bast and Aless are actually characters that I had stored in a character bank already. Aless is an imp that acts kind of like a real estate agent, selling human souls to demons in exchange for them to turn the humans into demons or grant them their wildest desires. Basty wants to become an incubus, the little horndog.

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