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The fire blazed, eating up the trees in a relentless hunger that sent animals and humans alike running. Humans evacuated their homes in the forest but the animals only moved towards lands that were already scorched. If there was nothing else to burn, the fire would not return and they would get a brief reprieve.

Unlike the humans, the animals knew the truth. This wasn’t just the circle of life. This devastation was a war between the guardians of nature. One or more of the Haltija, the protectors had insulted or upset the Haltijas of fire. These spirits were immensely powerful and very proud. They did not take insult well and once on the war path, it didn’t matter who got in their way.

In midst of the flames, shimmering forms battled. One side was trying to protect what was left of their forest, while the other was intent on devouring it. The dryness of the season put the fire spirits at an advantage but the forest guardians were not giving up.

Overhead, human planes attempted to smother the flames and save lives. In this supernatural fight, their efforts were for naught. None of the pleas or apologies were making any progress with the fire spirits. They were wild and passionate in their anger, just as the element that fed them power, and were beyond listening to apologies for the insults against them.

As the battle neared the edges of a small clearing, things seemed to pause. No scientist would be able to explain the way the fire just stopped and slowly sputtered out on its own and there would be no one who would believe the truth anyway.

In the clearing was a small remnant of a cemetery. The most powerful group of Haltijas guarded cemeteries. As the battle neared it, the female spirit that guarded the final resting place of the dead materialized and marched into the heart of the battle.

They spoke a language unique to their kind, too quiet and old for human tongues to understand let alone speak. The opposite sides stopped their fighting for the spirit in black. She knew how to solve the battle and protect her cemetery. Following the loud arguing of the leaders from both sides, she resigned herself to her duty.

Neither side would back down, not with those two fools calling the shots and constantly at one another’s throats. The simple solution was to put them down, for good. Haltijas of death, guardians of cemeteries, soul bearers of the old world, were the only ones with the power to truly kill another of their kind.

Looking down on the twitching bodies of her brethren, she was pleased to see the rest of the fighters calming and backing away from the fight. The flames died down as the spirits returned from whence they came and the forest spirits faded back into nothingness as well. With their leaders dead, each group was going to need to solve a power struggle within their own ranks and would have no time to fight each other and threaten sacred grounds.

Just as the death Haltija shimmered back into nothingness, a dark smile curved her lips and lingered just a bit longer than the rest of her did. She was an old spirit, one who missed the days of bloody human battles. This one, tiny skirmish reawakened that need for death and carnage. They had released her from her dreary life.

And she had no plans on returning to it.


There we are~ Was going for a no dialoge story this time around

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