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Prompt: Full Disclosure
They toured the house with the real estate agent.
“We love it,” he said. “Is there anything we should know about the house’s past?”
The agent looked down….

It was a funny sight. The lady the older couple called Ellen was usually so bubbly and loud, very loud. She liked to talk a lot especially when she got to my room. Sometimes she would open the door, wave her hand as she babbled about the rooms all looking the same, and ushering the people she was showing the house to along. They didn’t get to see much of my room and I didn’t have to see much of them; I liked that, I liked my peace.

Then there were the times when somebody would be pushier than Ellen and they’d barge right in. That was when the fun started. Ellen would talk fast and try to persuade the people out but somebody always asked too many questions like the pepper haired couple. I didn’t want to scare them. They were nice but I also didn’t want to share. It was my room, my home, my place. They could visit but never stay.

“The previous owner moved after finding his wife and daughter dead,” she paused and I waited expectantly, “in this room but everything about the house has been updated and modernized since. It was a tragedy. Now if you come with me, we can go over the papers downstairs.”

The agent smiled and the old couple hurried after her with more questions. How did they die? Were they sick? That’s so sad. Blah, adults were so caught up in things that didn’t matter. What they should have paid attention to was how Ellen kept staring at the window.

Ellen knew about me. I saw her the first day and slammed the front door on her foot. She was very rude, barging in without knocking first. I heard her reading off some papers to her phone. I made it screech in her ear and then she called my name. “Abby,” she called, “Abby we have to make a deal. You stay in your room and I’ll stay out of it.” Not a bad plan. I liked my room. When daddy left, he left all of my favorite things behind so I could play. One day, he’ll come back for me, till then it was my job to be a big girl and keep the house ready. That meant no old couple.

Closing my eyes, I focused on the stairs. They were narrow and wooden, one wrong step and woop. I giggled as I saw them all go down, one by one. I made sure Ellen slipped again when she got up so she’d hit her head. The sooner I got rid of her for good, the better.


Prompt had to be put in the front for obvious reasons. It was taken from The Writing Prompt Boot Camp. It’s an amazing book (promoted by The Writer’s Digest). This was written, like most of my Wednesday Prompts, with very little editing. I want you to see the rough edges, unfinished ends, and messy strings. It’s all part of the magic.