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Welcome to week three!!

The phrase should be inspiring but all I feel is disappointment. Week one brought with it a huge writing push. By day three, I was pulling ahead of the people in my DA group. Day four and five were when I smiled in glee at the notification, “you are 5824 words ahead of schedule.” It was my first time and I was ahead! I was climbing the wall of writers and kicking grass too. I made it from In Poor Shape status to In Good Shape (seventh place I might add).

Then Week Two happened….Distractions came left and right. One in particular – that I fail to remember – took me away for an entire day. Since then it’s been downhill. My productivity levels dropped from 2-3k words a day to barely over 1k a day. I stopped going to my DA group, stopped with the word wars, stopped doing sprints, and stopped forcing myself.

In fairness, I did plot during those dark and dreary times but I also came to a revelation; I was writing to beat people, not to build my novel. That had to stop. So I started thinking again about the words that were coming out instead of writing away like a jack hammer. Editing is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean I have to make it a chore when it comes along. If you spend a little more time thinking, your syntax, diction, plot line, and characters make out for the better.

Now it is week three. So far I have learned that:

1) My inner editor isn’t out to get me or hold the extra 20k left hostage. It is there to help me get to my goal with my sanity and the strength of my novel in tact.

2) It’s okay to get stuck and sometimes you need more than a five-minute break.

3) Write or Die is an amazing motivator (Kamikaze Mode on Strict)

4) Only I can tell this story which means I have to spend the time to do it write (see what I did there? Huh? Huh?) or not do it at all. I rather fall short of 50k than be in the winner’s circle with a bunch of bunk filler paragraphs.

My total is off to the left (can’t remember off the top of my head anymore). I hope to add another 2k to it today. To all you fellow writers participating in this crazy challenge, I wish you luck. I’d love to hear about your progress. So I leave you with this lovely motivational picture.