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“You really shouldn’t continue to irritate the mistress, Thorin.” The larger goblin barely spared the tiny female a glance. Instead of listening to her, he only worked to play more pranks and go through Tia’s underwear. “She could leave and then we’d be all alone again.”

“Don’t you have ironing to go and finish?” He growled, causing the smaller goblin to shrink back. The reaction turned Thorin’s anger to amusement and he chuckled at her expense. “Don’t look so scared Daisy. I won’t hurt you.”

Unlike Thorin, who was a goblin of standard size and temperament, Daisy was a hobgoblin. She was smaller, dainty, and quicker. She obeyed the rules of their kind, to remain hidden from sight and do their jobs in the dark of the night. Thorin played pranks, ranging from playful to cruel and irritated their mistress from day to day without a care to all of the goblin laws he was breaking. Daisy did the small chores, helping around the house and making life easier for her dear mistress.

She didn’t believe that Thorin should get a free pass just because he wasn’t born a goblin but so far, no punishment had come to change Thorin’s ways.

“You said that when you were master of the house and I distinctly remember having a boot thrown at me.” Even when he was human, Thorin had been subjects to fits of anger and Daisy had become the target from time to time.

“I never actually hit you though.” If she had not been living with him for the past fifty years, Daisy might have fallen for the apologetic tone of his voice. Being cursed into this Goblin form had only made Thorin more dangerous. Now he could actually do real damage if she got too close.

“It is the thought that counts.” And she wasn’t interested at all in becoming the target of his anger any more. Strangely enough, their mistress hadn’t become a target either. Just the little room in the basement that he claimed as his own saw the brunt of his anger.

“Who are you talking to?” Daisy shrunk back further under the table, willing what little magic she held to conceal her form from Tia. She wasn’t supposed to be seen. A silent, unseen helper in the night.

Thorin glanced into the darkness where she had disappeared and rolled his eyes. “Dust bunnies.” He cackled, paddling after their mistress so see how far he could push her today. Yesterday, he had gotten punted out the third story window.

Breathing a sigh of relief when they disappeared, Daisy crawled out and hurried for the stairs that led into the basement. Why Thorin never told Tia that there were two goblins living in the house was a mystery but she was not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. It may have been Pride and Vanity that cursed Thorin, but she was equally tied to the property after mistakenly letting herself be glimpsed when Thorin was human.

She was just as stuck with him as Mistress Tia but at least one of them could move away and never look back. As Daisy curled up in her little bed, hidden in a wall, she prayed that Tia wouldn’t leave. She couldn’t take being alone with Thorin and his bursts of anger again.


And now you know the name of the mystery goblin from Day 16!! 😛 Working on catching up, promise!!!

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