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Sitting at the head of the table, Bartholomew nodded in satisfaction. There was no room for smiles, they were reserved for scaring the lesser beings into submission with their sneer like quality, but his nod was enough to let his underlings know they did well.

In just a few moments, the hall would be full of noise as the ogres feasted on the rare delicacies. After their numbers were all but demolished, they were slowly growing in population again. Today was a day of celebration; four new babes had been born and taken away before the mothers could feel the urge to eat them. Four new ogres in his region alone, it was promising for their future.

Of course, they would be pushed to a new region when they were old enough. A fight for the decent territories, far from humans, was the last thing he needed. But that was many years off, for now he could afford to sit and feast on the newborns.

“Where did you manage to get all of this?” The new voice sounded surprised and Bartholomew turned with a deep chuckle. It was a dark laugh, one that struck fear into the heart of their favorite prey.

“I merely visited the maternity ward at the hospital. The nurse was quite sweet; I believe she will be part of dessert tonight.” He picked up a small leg, running his nose across the bloodied limb before tossing it to the other. “You may have the first taste. It has been many years since human babes have graced our table.”

“You have outdone yourself Barty.” The nickname earned a deep throated growl but he allowed it to pass this once. It was not a day to fight, that was for tomorrow when they decided who would raise the new ogres. Bartholomew nodded yet again when his fellow ogre tore a bloody bite from the leg. “Most succulent, it makes me miss the old days where we could have babies every night.”

“We grow in numbers yet again; those days may return if we manage to continue this trend.” They were lucky that two of the four babes born were female as there was a notorious shortage of females to breed with. Female ogres were vicious creatures who only joined the group for breeding before going off again which made them very hard to keep track of.

“The humans are bound to notice when their children and hospital nurses go missing.”

“Of course they will. Chaos is a perfect diversion to snatch up a few more of them though.”

Their nightmarish laughter rose above the din of the others arriving but was soon replaced with the crunching of bones and ripping of dead flesh. In the corner of the room, four ghoulish cries rose up in a desperate begging noise for their first addictive taste of human flesh.


I know it’s short but I left my laptop charger back in my dorm room and it’s three hours away so I had to finish this off before my laptop went kaput. D:

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