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“Please?! Just once?”

“For the last time child, no.”

“You’re no fun.” Tyler crossed his arms in a full pout and swung his legs unhappily. All he wanted was for his uncle to say one little line from the story they taught in school today and he kept refusing. The rest of the family wasn’t even around to hear him say it so Tyler didn’t understand why he was so against it.

“Fun is not usually in our description, Tyler.” The voice was more of a soft rumble than anything and Tyler turned to sit sideways on the small wooden platform the family had made him so that he could look up at his favorite uncle Derven.

“But you aren’t at all like the stories they tell in class.” He argued with a frown replacing the pout on his cherub face. After he had gotten in trouble last year, Tyler had learned that he couldn’t describe his family as they were without being punished for ‘lying’ but that didn’t mean that the stories were true.

His family was kind and loving. They were nice and never once bothered the village. Not at all like the stories where they stole sheep, trampled villages, and ate people. Tyler loved his family of Giants, even if he was the tiniest of the family, they were very gentle with him. Even built him a wooden platform to sit on so he wouldn’t be stuck in their pockets or have to cling to their hair for the ride back to the house.

“Some giants are exactly like the stories, munchkin. We just happen to be a peaceful clan.” His uncle corrected, lifting his hand so that Tyler could hug one of his fingers. “It was another clan that smashed your home village before we took you in.”

“Really?” The knowledge that there were more giants wasn’t new, but it was news that it was another clan that destroyed his original home and with it, his real mother and father. There was a lot that Tyler could process at seven years old but that was harder to grasp.


“But I guess it’s okay…” He murmured, looking down over the edge of his platform. Derven glanced down at the tiny human boy in confusion only to be given a bright smile. “Cause I have Mamas and Pops and sissy and you and all my new cousins. My family is bigger than it was before.”

“Quite literally.” The giant chuckled, careful not to jostle the platform that hung on his chest too much. The human child would easily break many bones if not die if he fell from this distance. He hadn’t exactly been keen on taking in the human child but his sister felt bad for the babe.

It was difficult raising a human and they went through many human nannies before Tyler was old enough to do much of the things the nanny was in charge of on his own. But the young boy was a bit of light in their house they hadn’t expected and everyone in the family had taken to him. Even went so far as to get him into a human school so that he could socialize and be educated with his own kind.

Glancing down at his most unlikely nephew, he heaved a sigh and shook his head. He could indulge one more whim before they reached home.

“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum.” He grumbled, using one of his fingers to nudge the boy. The delighted laugh was enough to ease the suffering of such an indignity. Pinning Tyler down with his forefinger, he gave him a stern look. “You will tell no one that I said that, understand me?”

“Yes Uncle Dervon!”


Needed a bit of cute for my soul. The last two weren’t quite that cute. Anyway~

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