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“What now?” Cerise growled out, throwing back the covers once again. Her late afternoon class got cancelled and the extra free time was supposed to be a fully committed nap time but every time her head touched the soft, plush, welcoming pillow, somebody called, texted or in the present case, knocked on her door.

The man on the other side of the door looked like a cracked out mess;  twitchy fingers, wide eyes, mouth that hung open slightly. “Yes?” Her eyes roamed over him again. Maybe it wasn’t smart to open the door to the hobo who possibly couldn’t speak. “Look, if you’re trying to find the old tenants, they moved months ago.” That was enough to get his fingers to stop twitching.

“You look exactly the same, younger, but the same.”

“Okay, can you hold on one second?” She smiled sweetly, tried not to stare at the weird way he held his hands at his back, and shut the door.  How long would a guy with a could be gun in his waistband wait? “Jorge.” She’d call him and then together they’d take care of the…

“Cerise? I promised to always protect you.”

His voice carried through the door.  It wasn’t crazy sounding or too desperate. “What do you want?” She called back. There was no need to make the door mistake twice.

“To carry out my promise.”

Hesitantly she cracked open the door. The whole user behavior had subsided. In its place was a normal man with pleading eyes, dark brown hair, and a touch of upper crust to him. None of it looked familiar. “I don’t know you.”

“That is what you warned me you’d say.” He smiled and the saddest light entered his eyes.

It was a mistake opening the door again. They were both crazy. “You need to go. I don’t know how-“

“You have a scar on the left side of your right knee, faint and small. You got it from what you called a bicycle riding crash when you were little and your middle name is Daisy.”

Caught between shock and horror, she stepped outside. Nobody, with the exception of some pets, knew her middle name. The scar a good handful were there to witness so that didn’t ring as loudly as the latter. “Who are you?”

“My name is Osiris.”

“The Egyptian God of Death or whatever?” She chuckled until she noticed he wasn’t kidding. “Right, Osiris, so what do you want?”

He stepped closer and she held her breath. Stepping out into the hall with a stranger was her third mistake. His hand brushed over her cheek first then her arm and then he stepped back to do a full look over like she had done when she first opened the door. “I’m here to make sure you stay like this.”

“What?” She started only to be cut off by a shake of his head.

“In three days you will be abducted and sent to my world. That’s where you’ll die.”

Yup, she thought, definitely crazy and said crazy man was still holding her arm. “I’ll make sure I carry pepper spray.”

“Don’t go outside that night. I don’t need you to believe the rest but this,” Cerise watched as he hesitated. He hadn’t moved any further away from the personal space invasion line and the fingers wrapped around her small arm kept her quiet. If he really was crazy, he could be the one who abducted her then and there. “ I need you to trust me and stay inside.”

“Okay,” she murmured on repetitive nods worthy of a bobble head. “In three days’ time, I will make sure I am inside.”

“I’ll miss you.” His hand fell away from her arm as he backed off. “Have a full life Cerise.”




There’s a knock at your door. It’s a man from the future telling you he has information that can save your life.

(note from the writer: P.S. sorry it’s late)