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Looking up from the book in his hands, Oleander studied the girl who had somehow managed to gather enough bravery to walk over. Only the guys from the team were brave enough to do that, and it had taken those dorks weeks before they got to that point. Unfortunately, this was the only class that he had by himself, so he usually didn’t speak.

Raising one dark eyebrow slowly, he waved his hand in a ‘continue’ motion while trying to remember what Belladonna had said. He couldn’t keep scaring off the entire student body; it went against the whole ‘learning about humanity’ bit of their time here.

“Uhm…well…I was hoping that you could help me with this project.” He had to scratch off bravery on his thoughts about the girl as her voice got quieter and quieter while her gaze dropped to where her hands were fiddling with the edge of her shirt. She wasn’t brave, she was terrified.

And probably desperate if she still managed to walk over when she was this scared of asking him. Mulling over the pros and cons of helping out the timid little mouse, he set down his book. That alone seemed to get the attention of the other students in the class, why it was so surprising he’d never know.

“What is your topic?” She practically jumped when he spoke up, her head snapping upwards so quick that he was sure she got whiplash. At the growing smile, he nearly sighed and reminded himself that this was to get Belladonna and Leora off of his back. Maybe she’d stop calling him the emo boy.


The irony was not lost on him at all.


“You do know that F-A-I-R-Y is not the correct way to spell it, right?” Oleander pointed out while she slaved away on the poster. His help extended to helping her research the old lore. When she had one of the true Fae assisting her, she had one of the most accurate research projects in the class.

“It’s not?” The confusion on her face nearly made him roll his eyes. She had read the stories he provided, hadn’t she? Again, he had to remind himself that this was to get Belladonna to leave him alone before he answered.

“No.” He held out his hand to stop her from speaking before he finished. “The original way of spelling it is F-A-E-R-I-E.”

The pout that crossed her face was confusing and he waited in silence for her to elaborate. Why she had a problem with the true way of spelling the name of his race, he wanted to know.

“I chose this topic because I love Tinkerbell from the movies, but these Faeries in the legends are so brutal. It’s ruining my childhood!” She sniffled pitifully, doodling on the corner of her poster. “I was hoping if I spelled it the way I was used to, I could feel better about Faeries.”

Her optimism nearly made him laugh. Instead he settled for telling her to get back to work and chuckling behind his hand.

If only she knew that her Tinkerbell was one of the most cankerous little winged fae that he had ever met. Her childhood of faith, trust, and pixie dust would be shattered into a million, sad little pieces.


There!!! All caught up (It’s still the 13th here so THERE)! This time I used Belladonna’s twin brother, Oleander, as my Faerie focus!

Tomorrow’s Creature: Giant