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“Sylavel Cyredmitore, you stand…”

“That is Lady Sylavel to you.” Leaning back in her chair, Sylavel couldn’t find it in herself to care at the dark look she was receiving from the council scribe. He was the one making the breach of protocol. She may be standing trial but she still outranked him.

Besides, this was a farce of a trial anyway. Each of the nine noble Elven houses held a seat on the council, her father included, and not one of them would truly convict her of anything. She knew secrets that they’d rather keep buried

“You may continue, Elyan.” The scribe practically jumped at the silky voice of the noblewoman that had spoken. Mytheriel, from the House of Pyrrah, had that effect on people. Her magical talent lay mostly in that of music and thus was assumed harmless.

Sylavel could only giggle quietly to herself, brushing back a stray lock of blonde hair behind her ear. She had seen the gentle Lady Mytheriel kill with her music, a deep dark secret that would stay hidden for now.

“Ahem…As I was saying, Lady Sylavel Cyredmitore, you stand before this council charged with various counts of magical breach and one count of high treason against the Highland Elves. How do you plead?” Elyan took far too much joy in watching human crime shows in her mind. He was beginning to sound more irritating than usual with all this jargon.

“I am innocent of all charges.”

“You split blood in the sacred grove of Yolanda.” Ah, now she had upset the male. She could tell from that twitch in his eyebrow that he was very displeased with her nonchalant attitude and disregard to what no doubt thought were very serious charges.

“I did not. The fool tripped over a root and landed on a rock. I cannot be charged for the clumsiness of my prey.” Adding that word on the end earned her a beautiful flinch from at least four of the council members and a smirk from her father. He always did enjoy when she managed to get them to cringe.

The fact that they were letting Elyan speak instead of adding their own questions played in her favor. They already knew why she had done what she had done, they had been the ones to send her on the hunt.

“You brought a human into our city!”

“I was tasked with retrieving a stolen relic. The human had swallowed it.” She kept things simple and straight to the point as much as she could. It was so easy to make them squirm though. “If I had cut him open to retrieve it, I may have damaged the relic. The only solution was to bring him back and allow our people to extract it.”

“That does not excuse this behavior!”

“Doesn’t it though? Elyan, you are the only one here that doesn’t see this trial is just a formality. There are no witnesses to call, no true punishment to be handed down because I had done as I was ordered. Now, if you’re done playing Law and Order, can I leave?”

“Sylavel.” From the tone of her Father’s voice, she may have gone a bit too far. Glancing up, her eyes locked with the ones that mirrored hers and she frowned unhappily. “Behave yourself daughter.”

“Oh hush Cyredmitore, this is quite amusing. Though I do think Elyan looks pale.” It was very difficult not to break the stare down with her father to smirk at the other noble, Gyrth. They had been long time friends and it never hurt to have more than one ally on the council.

The room broke down into light laughter at Elyan’s sake but Mytheriel moved from the dais to speak softly with the male. He was still new enough to still be learning how the Council of Elves worked and how some of these were merely farces to keep up appearances.

While her looks classified her as one of them, a noblewoman of the Highland Elves, her battle style of magic made her the most dangerous one in the room. It was considered dark magic. And yet, as she sat there smirking at the now chatting council, Sylavel couldn’t help but be amused at the irony that her hands were probably cleanest of them all.


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