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The one good thing that affects all of you is thanks to my commitment to NaNoWriMo, I have been treating my blog with more respect. The schedule says post on Tuesday and I do. I’m rather proud of myself so excuse me while I pat my shoulder (too lazy to reach for my back). 

This is my very first time with NaNoWriMo. Since I’ve become involved, I’ve learned a few things about myself. Everybody has an inner editor; my editor likes to wrestle with me when it comes to diction and syntax. Everything else is perfectly fine to bunk all I want. Then I have an inner kid bouncing around in my head sharing idea after idea that don’t match up with the story I’m actively writing. I’ve since stuffed both of them in a magic trunk and dumped it at a swamp. 

Here a few other things:

1. Word Wars Help: I’ve hit numerous blocks and the one sure fire way to get the story moving again was to utilize a quick 5 minute war. It acts as a jump start and you can always go edit in December. 

2. Have Support: I am in a DA group that loves WW and I also have two people I can always use as soundsboards. If I ever truly can’t move, I know I can ask them. Why not incorporate what my first set of readers would love?

3. Caffeine is a Placebo: It does not make you want to write more but you’ll fool yourself into thinking it really helps keep those creativity juices going.

4. Sleep Write: When you’re tired, filters turn off and suddenly you start thinking differently. Try it but don’t go to exhaustion. That’s bad.

5. Take Breaks: Your body needs them. Hello carpel tunnel and optometrist visit. That is our future unless we rest the wrists, eyes, and try some exercises. Your back will thank you too.


Okay, my break is over. See you tomorrow!!

Maura out.