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“I thought trolls were supposed to be grotesque?” Grady regretted opening his mouth only when a tightly clenched fist collided with his face. Spitting out a glob of blood and what he hoped in vain wasn’t a tooth; he turned a glare upon the man who had punched him.

It wasn’t really a man. Grady had come out chasing the legends of the back hills, the trolls. He had found them, but they were not at all what he thought he’d find. They looked more like very exotic humans. Exotic as in their bodies looked to be corded vines and their clothes were made of items from the forest. He could attest to the fact that their skin didn’t feel like it looks, more like rocks.

“Do not insult us. We were forced to evolve to survive.” The troll hissed in his deep and gravelly voice. Grady could only imagine the terrifying roar that this one could create. It seemed to linger at the back of the throat, ready to be unleashed in a battle cry.

“So you evolved to look more human?” The troll looked ready to hit him again, as if the statement insulted him to the very cord but a pale green hand stopped the fist before it could collide with Grady’s face again.

He stared in confusion at the pair of trolls. The female one, obvious only thanks to her physical attributes, had what he could call horns curling her wild hair away from her face. She was at least a head shorter than the male troll, it put her at about seven feet, but the male seemed to defer to her.

She turned her gaze on him and Grady threw away any hope that she was an ally. The look of anger made him more nervous than the male had. She was already over a foot taller than him, but to have the larger male obeying her meant she was higher on the food chain.

“You are far from home little human.”

“There were rumors of troll sightings, I wanted to investigate.” Being honest was Grady’s last ditch resort. He was already tied up and at their mercy; he didn’t need any more problems.

The wicked smile that spread across the female’s face sent shivers of terror down his back. Both trolls had pointed teeth instead of the blunt ones that humans had. They obviously hadn’t evolved that far yet. It made him rethink his decision to try and find them. The legends never painted trolls in a favorable light.

“And you’ve found us.” Her laughter sounded almost lyrical, almost. There was a hint of another sound that made him wonder if the rumors of hawks in the region were true at all. “But you’ll never get to share that information.”

His eyes widened and he tried to scoot away as she waved the male forward. Grady didn’t make it more than a foot before he was tossed over a shoulder and was staring at the ground. A rough hand tilted up his chin and he found himself staring the female in the eye.

“You made a grave mistake in searching us out human. In insulting my partner, you have insulted me and I cannot allow insult. What would my people think of me?” Her eyes glittered in a dark mirth as she leaned in to drag her tongue across the blood on his chin. “Mmm, you will make a fine main course for my people. Be honored that they will fight over who gets to eat the meat from your bones.”

That night, screams echoed in a secluded part of the forest before it was silenced and replaced by various different growls and roars. Sitting on a raised stone sat the Queen of the Trolls, pleased that her people were having a proper meal for the first time in fifty years. Maybe she would have her sons lure in more humans for their table.


In trying to stay with a sort of ‘modern’ theme, I figure many of the creatures would evolve to blend in a bit more. I mean, who would question a human looking silhouette in a distance?

Day 11’s Creature: Dwarf