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Character Files Entry 12



“Out of the way!”

The loud voice of authority caused the villagers to tremble in their hasty steps of compliance. They had sent an urgent plea to the officials in Glaus reporting the many ills of their people. Whole families were plagued by death and the ones untouched were fleeing. If they could offer help, they took it with them in their escape.

Kallossa whispered gentle excuse me after excuse me till she was close enough to the makeshift podium. Her breath caught in anticipation. She had personally started the collection of letters to send to the officials. They needed to know about the sickness and death tolls of her people. Travelers who passed through told of new medicines that could cure any common thing that ailed man.

Her heart sank more with each passing rise of the speaker. He was no official and there was no coming of help.

“The King is greatly troubled by the loss of his people. He extends his condolences to each and every one of you but there is nothing in man’s power that can save you. We will tend to your dead for the day. It is suggested that the healthy move on to the next village….”

A dampness at her cheeks broke the trance of hopelessness. Kallossa turned and left them behind to finish their hollow speech. The real message was hidden underneath. They were never going to help the likes of them, the low rung of society. Their deaths meant nothing to the King or his precious entitled but they did to her.

“Did they come bearing gifts?” Her father croaked out before coughing violently.

She couldn’t stomach telling him that he was right. Months before she had tried a similar thing only to be ignored. Her mother died. Now, the cure was so close and still, she another parent was going to die. “I’m going to do it.” She whispered with clenched fists.

Another round of coughs solidified the decision. She was going to find Persea. Where there was magic, there was a cure.