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“Mayor!! Do you have any comments about the recent American deaths in that construction venture?” That reporter woman was the most irritating thing on the planet. Nathanial repeated the statement to himself a couple times as he tried in vain to ignore the woman while also trying get away without looking like he was trying to run away. Reporters, especially those of the American variety, were vultures. Every. Single. One.

“Mayor!” There was no escape when the hand landed on his shoulder. Trying not to scowl at the tiny woman or rip up her ever important pad of paper, he turned slowly to gaze cooly down at her. If that wasn’t enough of a kind hint that she was an annoyance to his life, he’d never know what was. “I want to know your opinion on the recent deaths. You know, the ones to the south of town where they wanted to put a new housing development?”

“I have no comment.” The answer came almost as soon as she was done speaking and he delighted in the way her eyes darkened unhappily. Good. Now she knew how he felt. He had been dealing with reporters for years about accidents when someone tried to add anything to his town. “Have a good day miss.”

He made a break for it before she could manage to catch onto his coat again. It wasn’t exactly her fault that this was the tenth accident in the last three years. They only happened on construction sites, sites that he had not approved. The new governor of their area was determined to develop all the unused land around the town.

But it was Vittra land.

That stupid woman hadn’t listened. She called him and the rest of the townsfolk superstitious fools for never building on that land because of invisible creatures who lived underground; now she was the fool. Building upon a Vittra house was to ask for bad luck.

He wasn’t going to cover up for her stupidity any longer. Let her deal with the angry Americans, she’s the one sending these men to their deaths.


Another one that is short and sweet. It’s harder with the ones I’m not somewhat familiar with.

Tomorrow’s Creature: Troll