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“No Mama! Please! I’m not lying to you!” Sobbing, Molly Freys yanked helplessly against the grip of the orderlies. She wasn’t crazy; she was just trying to help! Digging in her heels, she tried to force her back into the house. No way was she letting that disgusting little creature hurt her mother any more. It had already taken her sisters.

Unfortunately, the orderlies were used to her tactic and just picked her up before placing her gently into the ambulance. The irony of being set gently down when she was sure that she would have bruises for the next week.

Looking up through the window towards her house, she could make out the figure of her mother in the dining room window.  That wasn’t alarming; it was the small stooped creature grinning darkly from the same window. Those sinister red eyes were laughing as it raised its gnarled hand to wave at her. Those same red eyes that her mother had described from her nightmares that terrified her each night.

It was then that she had thought her mother would believe her. Would believe that there was this imp creature sitting on her chest at night, inducing those nightmares, and feeding off of her terror. Molly had been so sure. She spent weeks trying to convince her mother, to show her the stories of these ‘Mares’ but she was brushed aside. But she kept at it, hoping that if she continued that she could save her mother from any more of these night terrors.

She had been so very wrong.

Those thoughts are what got her in the ambulance to the nearest nut house. There were times that she was so full of medication that she wasn’t sure which way was up anymore. She didn’t care if her mother suffered under the hands of that Mare any longer; she deserved it. All Molly wanted to do was help and that wretched crone sent her away. Meds or not, that terrifying voice still echoed in her ears from the night before she was taken away.

“Molly, molly, mollllyyyy; your mother is past saving. She’s mine. But when she’s withered away, I may just pay a visit to your dreams.”


My muse gave out guys, sorry!! A Mara/Mare is where the word ‘nightmare’ came from. They were little imps that would sit on people’s chest and while they induced bad dreams, they would thrive off of the terror. So yea…Poor Molly.

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