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“And why can’t we kill this thing?”

“Echo, really?” Aine sighed, flipping the page of her book as the plane bounced in the air. “Because they’re a huge part of the ecosystem; we kill it and the entire balance of life crumbles.”

“But have you read the stories of these Bäckahäst?” Echo grumbled, bouncing her leg in agitation as she closed her own book. She couldn’t read any more stories or news reports of a beautiful white horse drowning its riders. “These things have got to have killed hundreds of people.”

It was their job to hunt down creatures preying on humanity, not to go and catalog how many could be living in a particular area like some kind of wildlife experts. She wasn’t so sold on the whole ‘keeping the circle of life going’ crap that her father had suddenly instilled into the clan.

“I’m sure that shifter that you kissed last week also killed people but I didn’t see you waving a knife at him.” Aine mused distractedly, smiling at the shocked gasp that sounded from her right. There was an upside to having a private plane for these trips, no one to explain to why she was dodging her sister’s punch.

“You promised never to bring that up.” Her face was flaming red as she sunk back into her seat. Echo hadn’t meant for her little sister to see that or to ever bring it up again but here they were. “I told you, I needed information on the vamp we were stalking and that is the only way he would give me any intel.”

“Mhmm, you keep telling yourself that. I think you just have a thing for boys with larger than usual canines.”

“So help me lord, I will smother you in your sleep Aine.” Echo’s eyes narrowed as her sister laugh and lunged for her as she started taunting her about it. Once she had her baby sister pinned, she made herself comfortable until the plane began descending. They had a brook horse to track down.

Echo would have made a sailor proud, glaring at the white horse across the stream. The damn thing had been toying with them for over a week and finally decided to make its appearance by head-butting her into the water. After scrambling to the opposite bank, she had uttered every swear word she knew.

“Why didn’t that thing drown me?!” She turned to her sister and brushed wet hair out of her eyes. Aine seemed to be enjoying the entire ordeal far too much. “Or is it only those who jump on for a rodeo ride to be drowned horribly?”

“Exactly. You didn’t get on so you don’t get drowned.” Aine murmured, taking the moment to quickly sketch out the Bäckahäst as it pranced across from them. It was also enjoying its prank on the eldest Piketon. “If we dig deeper into the stories, the only people who have been drowned are those who would destroy these places. This is the fifth one that’s pushed you into the stream.”

“Don’t remind me.” Echo muttered darkly as she wrung out her hair and ignored her sister’s giggles. They had figured that there was a decent population in the area and it looked like they were only protecting what was left of their native homes.

“Before humans began destroying the area, they killed those who dared to think to tame it and now they only protect what lands they have left.” Finishing her drawing, she closed her field book and smiled brightly across the stream. This beautiful creature, dangerous as it was, would get to live another day.

“I don’t think I’ll ever like horses.” Echo grumbled as she gathered her things and sloshed after her sister. She couldn’t wait to go home and get out of this thrice damned country side that was full of water ponies just waiting to dunk her again.


Sooo, I decided to bring the Piketon siblings in again. For many of these posts, I’m trying to make them modern. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I do love these huntress sisters. Oh! And for me, it’s still the 7th though the date on the blog says it’s the 8th already….it’s only like 7:30 pm for me so I’m trying to figure out the timezone of the blog, so sorry if it confuses y’all.

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