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The days have begun to merge but as time blurs, my memories become clearer. He was not always a monster. As children we explored together and when I was kept away, it was him who brought me home. Ne’er a year had passed when my little brother did not visit the humble farm that was to be my banishment and if it was not him who visited, he arranged it so I was able to. His mother deferred to father whenever Thalion wanted something. He was the heir to the throne and the thing he wanted most was to have his sister home.

Tell me, is that not the opposite of a monster? If any was to be labeled as such, it would be. I was the one who fueled his anger towards that of his mother and our shared father. My own corruption was what tainted my sweet brother. I blinded myself to it even when he became King. His temper was violent, shaking whomever it shined on till they were ready to promise their soul away. He had multiple mistresses, took what he wanted, and manipulated all the pawns around him yet I remained blind in selfishness. I had been away and broken. When I returned, he welcomed me as he always did, with firm hands on my shoulders and a smile that lit the room. My brother, my king, the patriarch of our family.

But then the wars. They were brutal. We lost much of home then but again my selfishness got in the way of seeing what I should have. Now, I regret my involvement in our parent’s death for if I were the truly sweet sister he claimed me to be, then you, my love, wouldn’t be so far out of my reach. I have watched him strip nations, women, families, and finally he has stripped me of all that tied me to him and this world. The war wages but I do not care. Let him have his war. I have the sole true heirs of our family. They will be untouched and forever under my protection from him. I cannot say I love him or the children his whore of a wife bore that I now hide. My heart died as you did.

My brother is now my greatest enemy. Ne’er again will I call him my friend. I’ve acquired many enemies during my immortal existence but till now, none have affected me so. I dream of you always, Ikerion, my love, and I will avenge you. Thalion will fall at my hands.


Eternally yours,




Write a letter from one character to another talking about a third character. In the letter, tell a brief history of the third character and how they played three significant roles over the writer’s lifetime.