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I adore writing and I love working on stories so why not try something that allows me to submerge into both?

I’d like to say that I brought myself to NaNoWriMo but it wasn’t. A friend of mine stopped in the middle of reading a piece of mine and said, “have you heard of NaNoWriMo? You should do it with me.” Before I knew it I had the site and a run down of what I could do with the challenge.

The sign up happened. I browsed through some forums, checked out the blog, saved a ton of pictures about it, and got hooked to a chat room for it on DeviantArt. Now I’m doing word wars. Let’s break here so I can explain word wars for those who never experienced it or care to know my reaction to it.

My friend, same one who got me into this fun mess, set up a short five-minute one for me to get my toes wet. “It’ll start at :50 and we’ll go for 5 minutes so it’ll end at :55.” Sounded straight forward enough and inspired. Everybody isn’t on the same timezone so just using the minutes helped alleviate any confusion. Anyway, I did it and after the five minutes were up I thought I was ready.

Fast forward to a word war done in the chat full of hardcore typers and writers. There I wasn’t dipping my toes in, I was thrown in and told to hang on for dear life. The faster you type the higher your head is above water. There is no back spacing, no editing, no over thinking or else you’ll drown. No distractions or getting up or pausing or else you’re stuck. It was the most pressure I’ve felt in a long time. My wrists were aching afterwards but my word count was higher and best of all, my story had grown.

Since then, I’ve found that when I get in a funk, those word wars help me. It activates my competitive nature. I become strong enough to propel myself through the raging waves and currents holding me back. It’s fulfilling and now I can say I am a lover of NaNoWriMo and what it stands for.

That’s where I’ll be for November, immersed in my own world, working on finishing my novel and reaching 50k words before the twentieth of November. Wish me luck everybody, my fingers may need it.