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The men moved forward in their trance to follow their beautiful guide. Kallossa kept her cape drawn around her with the hood up and her head down. Careful to conceal her identity, she hung at the back of the single file of stupidity. Men. Useless for all but continuing a bloodline. Though, with what she as learning of magic, potions, and spells, it was possible soon men wouldn’t be needed for that either.

Every so often Kallossa had lingered further and further from the group till she was able to take another path. They served their purpose for the time being. They lured an Undine to the group and in doing so, they gained access to the Laurel. It was unfortunate that they had to be sacrificed but there was one other benefit. The potion required bones of a lost one. Smiling to herself, she couldn’t think of any better way than to remember the fools that were led astray.

She moved quickly and quietly through the forest. What needed to be done needed to be done by water. A muttered spell and a few turns later, she came to a small pond. It was too small for any of the pesky races to hide in but big enough to get the job done.

Laying down a mirror on the ground before the pond, she began the enslavement spell. “Obligatoque voluntatem tuam. Inpedienda nostrum fatis….” she knelt in the grass, pouring the contents of a vial on to the surface of the mirror all the while casting her magic. “Audite et obedire, affer mihi te. Imperium adduc eum ad me.” Closing her eyes, Kallossa pressed the veil that she had over her mouth over the mirror. The air thickened as it heated up, rushing around her before shooting off.

It was done.


An excerpt from Persea: Tales of the Laurel

Tales of Persea © 2012 by Maura Daniels