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There used to be a time when that smile would make his stomach jump to his throat and his heart beat erratically. But now, he knew the truth behind the smile and the cruelty behind her laughter. What once filled him with such joy and an ache to please her now just disgusted him.

He tried to warn each of her next victims but having no solid form made things difficult. Most would brush off the temperature drop he would cause as a sudden gust of wind and his flickering lights were just faulty wiring. But unlike him, the next victims passed on almost immediately. None of them stayed behind, not like he did.

Even worse, he was stuck staying close to that woman. Where she went, he did. It took a couple of years but she finally noticed the ghost that was tied to her. It had been funny watching her trying to get rid of him. Everything failed and she destroyed every single personal possession that he had left in the living world. Whatever he was tied to, it had to do with her and neither one of them knew what it was.

Lounging across a bench in the park, he had no choice but to wait while she hunted. She had been edgy lately, more cautious, but the hunger had finally won out against whatever she was avoiding.

“Even in death you’re lazy.”

“I’m dead, Celise, what do I have to live for?”

“Why can’t you just move on like the rest of my little blood whores, Liam?”

He hated being called that. Before, he hadn’t understood the term and hadn’t cared to learn. After watching Celise drain six more men, he understood perfectly. No longer was he one of her playthings and he reminded her of that by picking up a rock and tossing it at her head. He was getting good at picking up the solid items instead of passing through them.

Surprisingly enough, it bounced off her head with no scathing words to follow. She was standing still, sniffing delicately as if she was a dog. Smiling viciously, he was about to make a comment about her dog like tendencies when they descended.

Watching in utter surprise, he couldn’t quite process what was going on until Celise’s head was rolling across the pavement at his feet. The two girls had dropped from the branches overhead like ninjas if he ever saw one. One grabbed Celise and held on tight while the other hacked at her head with a sick looking knife. Hunters. The name came to mind seconds later, making him try and remember when he learned about them. Humans, or half humans in some cases, who trained to kill the supernatural.

“Who are you?” The words slipped out and he was pleasantly surprised to see the younger one turn around and look at him. The compassion in her eyes was unexpected.

“I am Aine Piketon, this is my sister Echo.” She motioned to the girl wiping the blood on the blade off on Celise’s new dress. Before Liam could return the introduction, she was already saying his name. “And you’re Liam White.”

“Known victim number thirty four.” The other girl, Echo, filled in. His gaze moved over to her and she met it unflinchingly. What was it about these girls? They were the first people besides Celise that had seen him. “I don’t know what you’re tied to, but you’ll be free once I burn the remains.”

Freedom? It had become a foreign concept since his imprisonment by a vampire. And finally, it seemed as if he’d get to stop dragging on this weary existence. Kicking Celise’s head back towards her body, his smile was genuine for the first time in many years.

“I’d honestly like nothing better.”


The inner musings of Liam, after he was killed by Celise. I just thought it would be fun to revisit him a little.  Oh, and introduce a pair of sisters that Maura and I have used before.

Tomorrow’s creature: Huldra