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Why did I ever think zombies were cool?

No amount of video games could have ever prepared me for this. No one was. I take that back, those people that the rest of us thought were crazy for building end-of-the-world bunkers and stockpiling food and water were prepared. But the rest of us? We were all caught up in the chaos of the outbreak.

Zombies were scientifically impossible, we all knew that. But seeing them rip your best friend’s face off only makes it seem pretty damn real. Tyler had always been the one to say ‘we’re going to be the generation most prepared for a zombie apocalypse. I wondered where those words had gone as his nose was ripped from his face. That and I had been screaming for my life.

The only thing that made sense about zombies was how slow and stupid they were. The brain was dead; they couldn’t make strategies or trick us who were still alive. Their muscles had seized in the moments of death and their bodies weren’t supposed to move after that point.

All that government talk about gun regulation was a load of bullshit. We needed those weapons and now, many of them were locked away. Without those, the fight was so much bloodier. My weapon of choice was a baseball bat that we had taken the time to drill nails into. It was effective, didn’t dull, but I did have to pull pieces of flesh out from between the nails from time to time. That was better than having to get up close and personal to a rotting corpse like my brother Ryan did; he preferred using knives. That was just far too close to deadly mouths for me.

Leaning against the door to our safe house—a shack that we had converted into a home for the six of us, complete with beds that we had to climb up six feet to get into—I couldn’t help but wince at the strangled growls and moans of the zombies. I still wasn’t sure how dead bodies could rise, move around, and crave flesh but have fully intact voice boxes that they couldn’t use. Now that was a terrifying thought, to have the dead saying things just as you were about to kill them. It’d be so much harder to do the deed.

“Lana, you can stop now. They’ve moved away.” The voice was only at a whisper but my current train of thought made me jump with a scream anyway. Before the sound could attract attention again, a large hand clamped down over my mouth. “If you draw them back, I swear to god that I will have you cleaning the bathroom for a month.”

That threat was enough to make me swallow in terror and nod my head. No girl wanted to be in charge of cleaning a bathroom used by five of her brothers. Not even during the zombie apocalypse did I want to know what they did in there. Give me rotting corpses to fight before you hand me the scrub brush.


Finally got all three up for the first three days of November. Can’t participate in Nanowrimo but I can do this. 🙂 Today was Zombies, was a little fun but they’re almost being overdone now so it was hard to think of something that wasn’t too similar to other shows or books.

Tomorrow’s Creature: Ghosts