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Pacing the length of her ‘room’, a cream colored wolf pushed her nose against the cold metal and whined pitifully. They had caged her, on a full moon no less. This was the one night a month were none of the pack could control the change, where instinct ran wild and each one of them had the drive to run, hunt, and behave as their animal cousins did. But while the rest of the pack got to frolic and strengthen their bonds, she was locked up in a room.

Digging at the door did nothing and she howled her loneliness and pain to the ceiling. Within her conscious, Blair was cursing up all three of the males that had put her in here. The damn Alpha was the one who bolted the steel door shut but it was his son and the lone wolf that was hanging around who were the reasons she was locked up. Patrick wasn’t part of the pack so there really wasn’t anything she could do there but why hadn’t Gabriel been locked up instead of her? Why was she being punished if it was him that wasn’t going to be able to control himself?

Snarling when no answering howls followed her own, she rammed her shoulder against the door. It took a few times before there was not a doubt in her mind that this cage was built for even the strongest werewolves. She’d barely even made a dent in the steel. There was no way out, or to feel the fresh air of the outdoors, to dig her claws into the soil, nothing. Just cold hard metal.

Snarling again, she trotted back and forth across the room to expel all her built up energy. All the while, her clear blue eyes had gone cold with rage. They would pay for keeping her locked like this. She’d make sure that this would never happen again; accidental mating or not, she wasn’t going to be locked away on the full moon for any reason.

It was some time past sunrise that the sound of the bolt sliding back echoed in the room. Blair stretched her limbs slowly before settling back down on the cot to pretend to sleep awhile longer. Acting was a skill all werewolves learned; she had just perfected it to fool others of her kind.

Letting the air out of her lungs slowly, she forced herself to not smile smugly at the low whistle in response to the damage around the room. At the expense of her shoulder and ribs, she had left many dents around the room in her attempts to get out.

“I told you she would be pissed.” Gabriel. The voice was easily matched to the face. Deep green eyes, soft chestnut hair, full lips and a strong build; everything about the male had screamed ‘Alpha’ when she met him. Still, it was his father that was in charge of the pack for now.

“I didn’t think she’d do this much damage.” And there was the Alpha, Jacob. He commanded respect from his pack and it irked him that Blair was always toeing the line of disrespect. She took great enjoyment in testing the Alpha every chance she got. No doubt it was the reason he was trying to set her up to mate with Gabriel. Strong Alphas make for a strong pack.

Their murmurings continued, her act having convinced them she was still asleep. They went over each bit of the damage before steady steps headed for her cot. Continuing to breathe slowly, she took in the scent of the one approaching and nearly smiled. Gabriel was the target she had hoped for.

Shifting slightly, she kept her eyes closed and waited for the right moment. When Gabriel’s hand landed on her shoulder, her eyes snapped open with a furious look. Grabbing his wrist, all it took was a roll and a twist before she had him pinned to the floor and her elongated fangs at his jugular. No alpha, in training or not, would appreciate the vulnerability of this position. Nor would a parent want to see this happen to their child.

“Neither one of you will ever lock me in here again.” She snarled, eyes aflame in her partial change. Both males let out low warning growls and she pressed her teeth into the soft skin of Gabriel’s neck. It didn’t matter how delicious he smelled, she was working to prove a point more than toy with him.

Another pair of green eyes met hers, Jacob’s Alpha stare demanding she submit and stand down. Not if it meant being confined again. No werewolf should ever suffer such an indignity. Snarling in defiance, she sat up a little and pressed her finger nails into Gabriel’s shoulders as a warning to those hands.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Jacob argued, eyes still blazing at the blatant lack of respect. Werewolves had evolved over the years to control their changes but pack instinct still ruled them; thus the packs.

“You spend a full moon in here, or make him.” Glancing down at the male in her clutches, she nodded in satisfaction at the affronted look on both of their faces. It was eerily alike but a father and his son would have such similarities. “That is what I thought.”

Shoving herself off of Gabriel, she brushed her hair back over her shoulder and strolled past Jacob without another word. His warning growl was met with a small snort as she left her prison.

“I like her.” Gabriel chuckled after Blair had made her exit. His father turned his narrowed gaze on him.

“What kind of Alpha submits to a female like that?”

“She wasn’t going for submission, Dad, she was trying to piss you off.” Not once did he tilt his head back or defer to Blair. “And I’d say it worked.”

Outside the room, the resounding snarls made Blair grin mischievously as she practically bounced up the stairs. Jacob’s punishment had only begun, she still Gabriel and Patrick to punish for their involvement. 


A bit of a look into a modern pack of Werewolves 🙂 

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