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Whirr. Whirr. Whirr.

Celise rolled over with another snarl, trying to fall asleep despite the awful noise. How one little fan could be so irritating, she could never have guessed before now. But with the air conditioning out, it was the only circulation of air in the bedroom. If not for Liam, she would have smashed it with a hammer days ago. Rolling over again, her eyes narrowed angrily at the offensive machine. She was never going to get any sleep with or without the fan.

Giving up on the idea of sleep, she kicked back the sheets and made her way to the corner of the room. Liam slept peacefully, happy as a clam with the coolness that the evil contraption provided. It was possible that his hearing was just that weak that he couldn’t make out the horrible sound. Humans didn’t have the same level of hearing as she did. The slow beating of his heart was something she could could easily make out where as he didn’t even hear her get up. He didn’t even stir at the sound of late afternoon play. How lucky for him.

The fact he was getting such a good sleep worsened her mood. Kneeling down, she reached through the bars of Liam’s cage and gently pulled his arm out. If she was going to suffer this afternoon, then so was he. Tightening her grip, she waited until the pain receptors in his brain activated and woke him before giving him a feral smile. As the terror built in his eyes, her fangs elongated and she sunk them deep within the meaty part of his forearm. Most days, she was kind enough to make it more comfortable for him. The screams were almost as delicious as the warm liquid pouring down her throat.

Draining him until he passed out from pain and blood loss, she dislodged herself from the wound and dragged her tongue over the bite marks. “Soon.” She murmured, blood dripping down her chin and onto her bare legs. “Soon I’ll have a new blood whore.” Patting his cheek, she dropped his limb to the floor before crawling back into her bed. The afternoon snack was enough to lull her to sleep. A few more hours before nightfall and then she could start looking for a new pet. This one was going to expire.



I’ve taken up a new Challenge for the next 100 days~ Each day I’m going to try and write about a new Mythical creature. Today’s was just a small start with Celise and her boy-toy Liam. Tomorrow is another well known creature, the Werewolf.