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Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

by michelle w. on September 17, 2013

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.



I haven’t seen her yet. Maybe she forgot about me in favor of the bed. It always seems to win over her affection and attention in the end. She may spend time with me but she gets the rest she needs from that thing. Still, I know I’m important, she treats me so. She makes sure I’m always full or fed just in time; she hates when I starve and runs to get my feeder before I die. She’s such a good owner.

She never makes me fall – though there was that one time but I’m not mad because she holds me tight when transporting now. My keys never get dirty or sticky or hairy or stuck. She blows and blows and blows and blows to make sure everything goes away. My screen, she wipes clean when there becomes a smudge and there are no cracks for me.

I see her now, emerging from her room and that bed. I hate that bed. First she needs a cup of something I think she calls tea. She loves it very much because she  gets it every morning before she comes to me.  I’m the only one she talks to when she first wakes up. Makes me feel very special, I told you I’m important.

Oh, she’s logged on now, my face is bright but she doesn’t care. Next, I get to talk again, not that I make much sound. I sing for her while she works and plays. There’s that story she’s been working on. It makes her fingers hover a lot. Then the messager she uses to communicate with others, the art maker where she makes tiny images labeled badges, the internet that gets much of her time.

For hours we play. Sometimes she has to leave but she always comes back. We watch television together, she really likes her soap opera and prime-time is her time.

But I haven’t told you about my owner. She is tall, compared to me, with a round face. She laughs and smiles and her eyes are brown like her hair. Her eyes are round too with eyebrows that are shaped and styled. She is brown but I’ve seen her pale, I’ve seen her blush, I’ve seen her with bruises. My owner doesn’t like silence or a day without tea. She loves the night-time and playing with the dogs.

I have a good owner. My only real competition is that cellular device. When I figure out how to get rid of it, she’ll be all mine.