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That’s my writing and I.

As a human being, I have problems tapping into my emotions, expressing said emotions, caring past what I deem worthy of my time, and I’m fairly sure my conscious is flipped to off majority of the time.

As a writer, I am paranoid, anxious, bi-polar, neurotic, obsessed with order and everything lining up just right, and I need a voice in my ear every now and again to urge me on.

I worry about voice, tone, quality, plot, conflict, character development, consistency, interesting metaphors, and overly repetitive words or phrases. I frequently ask my close circle if a character’s voice flows smoothly from beginning to end? Out of all my eye twitching issues, it’s voice that gives me the most anxiety.

Compare the writer to the whole, and it is ironic though I am prepared to argue that it would be my passion that evokes the full scale of emotions out of me. 

I love writing. I love plotting and researching and knowing things that will never make it into the story because it is exhilarating. Having such a rich background helps form the story better than only having the necessary basics to go off of. 

I am flawed but those flaws are what make me and my writing a perfect pair.