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A perpetual hiss, erratic as the top bobbles to and fro, steaming the contents of the steel pot till the time is just right and everything comes to a stop.

A low hum of air, abysmal in comparison to the kitchen’s orchestra, goes on and on in its labor to keep the sleek machine on and functioning under the gaze and fingertips of its owner.

A bell jingles distantly against its wooden host, sounding the alarm of a person’s parting or entry.

A steady stream of running water, gushing forth to do what it must till it is stopped and needed no more.

A rhythmic clicking, pausing at times, is the sound of creativity flowing as time passes behind with tick that can only be heard when listened to closely.

There is no talking, no laughter, no padding of paws, or sniffing.

There is only the sounds of life echoing in the silence.




Take a moment and write down everything you hear.

It doesn’t have to flow or make sense. The point is to listen.