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Blurred, Dotted, or Solid? Are you willing to cross the lines?


When writing, you need a plot, characters, setting, and a surprise or two. You need intrigue, catharsis, something thought-provoking, or maybe something with a hidden meaning. I found that in my writing, I am willing to cross certain lines if it as depth to a character and the overall story progression. The sweet girl who tries to help everyone around her could end up being the daughter of a pedophile or a student may think their professor is free play or death may be pointless and bloody. Maybe a rapist joins a group of girls and goes through a metamorphosis or in the end is unable to be saved and dies because of his own obsessions.

Isn’t the point to create dynamics that touch readers? Challenge them as well as ourselves from time to time? Why not project the wrongs we see in the world, in society, in failing morality, on a character or a scene or weave it effortlessly into the plot tapestry?

I think crossing into darker waters is risky if you’re doing it carelessly and for all the wrong reasons. It should be done with a clear purpose to shake both you and your reader to the core so that things can be seen differently and appreciated.


Just a thought of course….