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Voice Journal Entry

Shelby 3

__ __

Is it strange? I can’t remember anything before I was ten and when my gift came, everything else sort of went fuzzy and gray. But that’s not the strange part. It’s that….I can remember clearly that day when my parents thought I was missing. I remember looking up, unable to breathe, unable to move…no, that’s not right. I didn’t need to breathe or move. I didn’t want to. I wanted to let the under current sway and move me while the water above frayed and played with the sun light. It was cold. I remember that but it didn’t touch me. Nothing could touch me. That’s what I felt like and then something stirred in me and survival made everything real. I gagged, choked, sputtered, and labored. I swam, stumbled, ran, and fell. I did eventually find the camp and my parents took me to the nearest hospital. It was well over twenty miles away but we got there. No neuro damage, no physical damage, no spiritual damage and the doctors were right but I never did shake the feeling that they didn’t know something. Something important. I wish I knew what it was too….so, think it’s strange?